Short bottle dig today

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I finally managed to have a bottle dig today after being away from it for a while and I decided to just have a gentle ease back into it on a small local farm tip . I hadnt been here since last Christmas so it was nice to be back and it was a pleasant few hours despite the foggy start to the day .Sadly I havent got the metal detecting on the land , two club members have the permission but they did wangle it for me to have the occaisional go on the tip subject to when the regular shoots are being held .A few phone calls and the thumbs up and I was good to go .
The tip is far larger than the area I dig and it had been dug before many years ago so the finds are sparse but it does give up the goodies now and again if you hit the right spot .
The tip is in a small wood and stretches quite a way but half of it is out of bounds due to the copse being given up to house the Pheasants so no chance of digging in there and that area has never been dug . The digging isnt too deep either , just what I wanted after such a lay off from weilding a shovel and spade .
Despite the foggy morning at first light , it soon cleared and it was fairly mild with the chance of rain by lunchtime which would be about right for me to have had enough by then .
The one rule here is to make good after your digging , fill your holes or trench back in and then I tend to rake the fallen leaves back over the area , it just leaves a better impression should the landowner decide to take a walk down there to see what you had been doing , so far I must be ticking the right boxes as I have never been told I cannot dig down there so I know for sure the will and do check you are keeping to your side of the bargain . I have known those who do not abide by the rules , been thrown off the permission and obstructed any further bottle digging which in turn gives the hobby a bad name and spoils any chance for others .
I have to confess , I didnt find a mass of bottles like you can on larger tips , this one is a farm tip and the household goods were dumped here and with it being dug before then there isnt a lot to show , but its shallow digging .
I had gone down about three feet and apart from broken bottles and crockery out popped the larger baby feeder which was the first decent find of the dig . These little bottles are highly embossed and quite early and I have only ever found one complete one before , usually the tops are broken .
Not long after a second tiny little bottle dropped out of the side wall and settled on the soft black soil and at first I thought it was a small perfume bottle but upon closer inspection it was another slightly different version of a baby feeder . I was happy with these and to be honest I was about ready to go as it was really quite an empty little pit . One last forward dig and by surprise I could see the base end of a ginger beer sticking out of the wall and even more surprising was this was no expected Norfolk bottle but one from Oldham , a very long way from home circa 1906 . A stoneware "cotton reel " ink and a little blue poison later and I was about done .
20211227_132844_resized[40873]dirty bottles.jpg
20211227_180341_resized[40874]clean bottles.jpg
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Those baby bottles look so delicate! Very, very cute.

Sounds like you had a lovely day. I intended to go detecting today but it was raining so I chickened out cause it was raining. I am glad you managed to get a dig in before the rain, it was worth it!
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Wait, those little bottles were acually made as baby feeders?
I dread to think what they put in em as i've read before that beer was often a favourable drink to plain water as it was so polluted lol

Glad you got out though, i think you are braver than a lot of us this weather and all

Gonna send you my go pro and tri-pod as i would love to see a time lapse of you digging out part of a dump :thumbsup:
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Hey Paul, we must have been out digging bottles at the same time yesterday.
Although i have to admit, it was more like scraping the surface of a WW2 dump.
The baby bottles have an interesting shape, which seems to have derived from a Pilgrims Ampulla.
See the smaller one has a measuring scale on it, so if the parent needed more of a rest they could add Gin at 1:10, :o
Always good to read your reports.
Just thinking of Bruce`s idea on a tripod and camera, Benny Hill never made a sketch on bottle digging but i can just see it now. :lol:
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Nice bottles :thumbsup:
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