What is on your 2022 bucket list?

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I was thinking about this today cause I decided I need to kick myself up the rear and have a new list. We could all write a long list I’m sure so I’m going to try and keep it to something manageable for myself (your list can be what ever you like).

1. Coin - never found a commonwealth one so that’s my number one target for 2021
2. Artefact - I really, really want a gold posey ring but would be very happy with any ring pre 1600
3. The the unlikely - one of those round silver discs they attached to hawks, with the owners name on. And a gold coin. You can keep your gold sovereigns though, it has to be pre 1700 and not Roman ;)

What are you hoping to find in the next 12 months?
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Different areas throw up different finds for all of us, I have a Commonwealth and a Roman silver ring, many crotal bells too, but surprisingly I have never found a jetton! A Celtic stater or even a Saxon sceatta would be nice but I really hanker for a BA axe! :thumbsup:
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For me:
Coin: anything Celtic
Artefact: a complete BA axe head or an iron-age zoomorphic woad grinder.
The dream: Roman / Saxon gold coin.

Anything else is a bonus.,,,,,,
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To be able to continue detecting .
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Being located in far flung Pembrokeshire, I know there are things I won’t find such as Celtic coinage and anything Anglo Saxon. So based on possibilities

1. Anything Viking
2. Bronze Age Axe Head
3. Gold coin of any age, but Roman one would be more than welcome
4. Gold Posy Ring

Good luck to one and all with their 2022 bucket list finds
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Coin; Anything Saxon, or failing that, a gold hammered of any description.

Artefact: Anything Saxon

A BA axe head would be rather nice though :thumbsup:
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A gothic Florin

A vesta case, I have one but I want to find one

A saxon coin or brooch

A roman brooch or artifact
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Bucket listers for me would be :

BA axe head
Gold hammered coin
Large crotal bell [ only ever found small versions ]
Saxon brooch /pendant

Being the ever optomist "give it time and it will happen " :thumbsup:
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I'm sure there's a Saxon Great Square Headed brooch lurking about somewhere, just waiting for me to pounce :thumbsup:
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I love wish lists. I love wishes. (I always wish on the first mincepie of Christmas, and I always save wishbones to pull. lol) I think they help focus the mind and sort out priorities and yes, I think that does help. A few years ago i wished for a particular kind of gold hammered. I actually said so on a thread like this (over on the dark side. :lol: ) I even specified it would be somewhere in 'our' valley. And lo and behold i found it.
So with that in mind: My wish list for 2022.
1)A Limoges Mount in good nick. I just love them. I keep finding remains scattered in a field which clearly indicates an early chapel. So i have some hopes. 2) Something gold and Merovingian. (early Saxon period) Or at a push Carolingian. Early medieval anyway. Their metal work was superb. It could be a coin or some piece of jewellery etc I am not particular. I have an area of a big field which very occasionally throws up bits of Merovingian. Nothing other than copper-alloy stuff so far but I have hopes they had their more well-heeled relatives over for roast boar now and then. :Party: 3) I want to find the chateau-fort which is hiding somewhere in the new woodland I have permission on. The bloke who owns it and supplies our lamb and venison has tales of his grandfather going through the tunnel which goes under the river. The woodland is on a promontory overlooking a confluence and protecting a very big spring. So maybe. I am, of course, taking the tales from Grandpa Bertrand with a sizeable pinch of sel. :lol: Still it will be fun looking for it and finding some evidence.
4) A nice Roman artefact with some quality enamel.
Wouldn't sneeze at a number of other things of course. I still have hopes that the mother lode of gold hammereds is around here somewhere to go with the stragglers.
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Milled Silver, with regional letter stamp.
A Roman Brooch, with enamelling.
Coin from the Saxon period.
Button from the local Napoleonic era Militia. Detecting friend has 3 so far but would like to find one myself. Would also enhance my theory that a local continued to wear his tunic to work in after the Militia were disbanded, may be for several years. As 3 buttons so far, is not likely to be a random loss but more a discarded worn out item.
Good Luck with finding your objects of desire.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Number 1 wish will be no more lock downs so I have a full year in 2022!

Hammered coin finds back up to 2018 levels (63) but I will take at least 1 more than this year (26).

A Saxon or earlier coin or 2 would be nice. A decent Roman brooch which are really elusive for me. Gold of any shape or form. Nice Saxon or medieval artefact. A Papal bulla. There should be some around as I get boy bishop tokens and lots of medieval stuff including ampulla.
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I don’t get the bronze axe thing and feel I might look at one as I do a Roman coin :oops: Unless it was a perfect, smooth one with a perfect patina. Most just look like a corroded lump of bronze. Now those stone ones (like Jan’s) are a completely different ball game :D

Nice to see such a mix of things you want to find. It’s often just the elusive common things that have just eluded us previously that bring a smile and whoop of joy. That’s the beauty of this game - the unexpected finds turning up at the most unexpected times :Party:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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I'll keep this short and sweet.
Anything worn by a Roman soldier such as buckles,etc but more chance of going on a date with Zelda from Terrahawks.
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In this part of the country - ANYTHING except buttons!
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