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I managed to get out after the rain on an old park land pasture which has yielded many modern coins and paraphernalia.It also has the site of the old village cricket ground and also a rabbit warren,so there’s plenty of potential.
Very pleased to find a second medieval coin which I believe is an Edward iii
halfpenny in reasonable nick,also possibly part of a fob chain dated 1907 Levi and Salaman,Birmingham.The buckle appears to be post medieval and still has some silver + a William iii halfpenny,all in all,not the worst day.
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That’s a great finds bag!

Especially love the silver button, a rare find, and a nice condition hammered too. I have the twin of your buckle, also still with some silvering left on it. Indeed it is post medieval, 1600-1700 according to Whitehead.
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Edward III 2nd coinage London halfpenny.

A ;)
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Thanks for your replies and id confirmation ,yes the silver button thingy has the imprint of a cricket boot stud,(not me),and my first glimpse of the hammered I thought it was another silver thrupenny,so that was a pleasant surprise!
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Nice finds. :thumbsup:
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Nice spread of interesting finds there :thumbsup:
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Cracking set of finds :thumbsup:
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