Hard going today !

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Spent about 5 hours on the last stubble field available on my main permission today. I’ve already given it a good going over but went back to see if playing around with the settings on the deus lite would make any difference.
Firstly I had a look at the ground balance in 3 different places on the field,quite low numbers averaging 71 - 75. Using the machine with the ground balance that low was far too noisy and in the end 83-85 was just about bearable in use.
I upped the audio response and started in 12khz to see if I could get any extra depth but tried all frequencies. I think dropping the ground balance made a bit of difference.
As it happened finds we’re still hard to come by with only a medieval pot leg,a modernish buckle, George 2nd farthing, a few buttons and an acorn shaped mount turning up.
I’ve had a couple of the much smaller acorn mounts in the past but none this size before , it made my day.
I’m guessing its 17th century?
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Love an acorn mount, I have a couple myself - none are as detailed, nice or as large as yours though! That really is unusually detailed, especially on the cup part.

Great find :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Nice little mount :thumbsup: i think they come from the old saying " As mighty as an oak "
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