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We have half a dozen old horseshoes scattered around the garden and over the Garage door :thumbsup:
Sue loves them and i have dug a few over the years :lol:

Great idea for the bells though, lucky you dont have a cat though, that might cause some ringing
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figgis wrote: Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:19 am Ye gods, there's me carefully constructing an image of a bluff old duffer who cares more for gin than anything else and here's the memsahib taking it apart brick by brick. :oops: Knew it was a mistake letting her join. Knew it.

Oh well, in for a penny...

We also had a ring made up from purchased gold with bobbly bits on top made from a knackered hammered coin and Roman casting waste.
ring top.jpg
Of course, we exchanged rings and one of them belt/harness ring jobbies was pressed into service.
Guess which one was mine :lol:
I remember that ring. It’s a real stunner, beautiful. Loads of imagination needed to design something so unique :thumbsup: :Star:
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Reusing love tokens is very romantic and repurposing metal into wedding rings is also very clever and the result is stunning. Wearing your finds should be encouraged as much as possible.

Who was it who created a Christmas garland from their crotal bells? Can’t remember but it is a lovely idea :Star:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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I could make this with my repurposed finds, wouldn’t take many weeks to complete. :lol:
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:shock: OMG :lol:
Things aint cooking in my kitchen
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Some time back I plasma coated a small pyritised ammonite in 24ct gold and made it in to a broach for Mrs.G.
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