XP Goldmaxx power replacement charging cable

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For those of us that use the XP Goldmax power this may be of use. If you need a new charger cable for your headphones WS3, then the full description for one is USB-A to 3.5mm 5V DC Barrel Jack Male Charger Power Cable Adaptor Lead. you can put this into the ebay search and it will get you the right lead.
Hope this is of help :thumbsup:
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I haven't used the Goldie for a while now but it is my back-up....i will save this info in case i need this. Many thanks.
Live long and prosper.
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Thank you, I no longer have a GMP, but I do have a set of headphones that need a new charging cable, and a new home
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It was definitely useful for me.. Thanks for sorting it out for me Keith. A few weeks ago my headphones for the GMP weren't charging properly so I noticed that there was a break in the wiring in the lead connecting the headphones to charger.
Had a phonecall with Nigel at Regtons.. He said I was the first to ask for one and they don't actually stock them.
Must say Nigel was great and found the lead but would need to ship it in etc to pass on to me. Anyway, in the end Keith ordered it for me and all was well.
It seems like a rare thing to happen but take note.. The tiniest thing like that can be a huge pain in the ass!
Make sure you know you can get hold of all these individual little bits of cable whatever your machine! :thumbsup:
Thanks again Keith. :thumbsup:
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Hmmm, I am looking to buy the GMP wireless headphones, because I use some cheapo headphones with volume control and keep having to resolder the wiring terminals because jacks fail repeatedly
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