Exciting times ahead!

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Thank you for accepting me onto The Detecting Hub (UK)

I started taking an interest in the hobby just under five years ago. Just the right time to coincide with retirement!
I had previously devoted my hobby time to all aspects of fishing, I have now divided this and reap the benefit of both worlds!
I am from Coventry originally but now reside in Tyne and Wear, spending part of the year in Valencia area of Spain.
This allows me to further divide the hobby into land and beach work.
I am a member of NCMD and Gateshead Detecting Society, we are fortunate to dig Northumbria/Durham/North York’s areas every weekend throughout the year.
In Spain I am a member of FEDD and concentrate purely on the coastal area.
I have two machines, a T2 for land use and a Makro Multi Kruzer for beach/land.
I go against the grain with my Detecting and much prefer artefacts to coins. I love the identification process of artefacts and the subsequent history research.
I see positive moves ahead with UK Detecting, mainly thanks to social media and the promotion of the hobby. I recently learned from a friend who is actively involved in the proposal of a Detecting TV channel. If well produced, exciting times lie ahead for all concerned.
The main enjoyment I get from the hobby is meeting new friends, not the easiest thing to do at a certain age. The common denominator in the hobby, appears to be ‘Anticipation’
Every time I go out on the field or the beach, the anticipation of a find never fails to inspire me.
In that respect, the hobby can draw a parallel with fishing! It’s that ‘anticipation’ again!
I look forward to meeting new friends when out on the field or beach, UK or Spain, the hobby is limitless.
Stay safe and continue to enjoy our wonderful hobby ~ Paul
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Hello and welcome, Paul.

Sounds like you've got your detecting life very nicely sorted :thumbsup: And as for artefacts over coins - I'm with you on that one, though I do like a nice Roman coin to show its face now and again.

Enjoy your time here :thumbsup:
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Hello and welcome aboard Paul.

Sounds like you still have a busy life. Made me feel quite exhausted reading about all your activities. And long may it last. I’ve seen so many people retire with no other interests and it seems like they are the ones who just dry up and disappear.
Keep mind & body active as long as you can & enjoy every minuet of it. Look forward to hearing & seeing more about your exploits. :thumbsup:
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Hello Paul, Great introduction post.
I also prefer artifacts to coins.
With the weather in Spain, you have the best of both worlds and year round detecting.
Don`t know whether you are a Coventry City supporter, a great friend of mine, the late Brian Lewis, midfielder, had a season at Highfield Road 1967/8, and was the last signing by Jimmy Hill.
Good Luck with your detecting and look forward to seeing your finds, :thumbsup:
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Welcome to the Forum Paul, plenty to talk about here and lots of good likeminded folk to do it with . So feel free to talk about anything that your detecting recollections or finds you think will be of interest. :thumbsup:
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Hello Paul and welcome in to the forum :thumbsup:
Looking forward to seeing some of your finds, and hearing of your adventures both here and in Spain
I imagine the Spanish beaches to be quite productive with casual losses too

Great introduction post too, thanks :D
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Hi Paul and welcome. :thumbsup:
Good things come to those who wait.
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Great introduction Paul and very nice to have you onboard.

Hope you share your adventures with us as I feel they will be a great read. Welcome :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Hello Paul.....welcome and i am looking forward to seeing your finds from both parts of the world.
On another thread recently we were discussing the qualities required to be successful and have the necessary stickability at this game. And yes, there is definitely a link with angling. (And craft/creative pursuits also) To Anticipation I would add 'Patience' and her brother Percy Verance. (Not to mention parents Optimism and Hope. )
Reading your intro it is clear you have all these in abundance. (Bung a bit my way as i am sat on the sofa avoiding the heat with the shutters closed. :lol: )
"The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them."
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A very warm welcome from a fellow angler :thumbsup:
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Welcome aboard Paul great into as others look forward to seeing your finds :thumbsup:
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