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Here are a few ammonites picked up here and there

Second one was heavy and lugged it 3/4 of a mile :problem:

They have been appropriated and dotted around the flower borders by she who must be obeyed :Luv Ya:




Regards Steve
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Your fortunate to live in a place to be able to find them, we don`t get them up my way lying in fields . Seen a few similar but much smaller though in what looks like Limestone boulders but nothing on that scale.
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I live in an area that’s full of fossils too, but nothing that big either. I am impressed with carrying it that far too :thumbsup: Hope the wife liked it :D
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They look good in the garden borders. I’m off to Dorset for a long weekend break and may have to search the beach areas.
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The same seam that has the fossils in in Dorset actually runs under the channel and comes out at Villers-sur-Mer and Houlgate in Normandy. same mix of fossils and same strata visible. Great fun. I love rambling along the cliffs poking around for fossils. Always looking for ammonites. i have several. Plus we get loads of shark's teeth and devil's toenails. Much more fun that drooping around the beach sunbathing. :D
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Kimmeridge is good but these are mainly the shale impressions that crumble easily, plus you have to pay to enter the track to the cliff top car park, as it is owned by an Estate.
Charmouth is good, get to the main car park, then head East as far as you can away from the crowds, good for Bellamites and Ammonites. First Ammonite my son found there years ago , we weren`t exactly sure what it was because it was virtually Gold in colour, only when fully extracted realised it was a fossil.
Would recommend out of season though, as parking fills up very fast. If you are there for a few days in season, suggest getting there before 9am.
Good Luck, :thumbsup:
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Oooh, I love to poke around looking for fossils (much like a silver surfer dating site). I've had the good fortune to have found a portion of what was once a large ammonite while detecting. Unfortunately it was early on in the session and I had to cart the thing around for hours but it now occupies pride of place amongst the others I've been fortunate enough to clap eyes on.
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It can be addictive so be careful. I found the beach/cliffs at Speeton in East Yorkshire a good place if a bit muddy to collect from.
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