George 3rd/5th silver and other finds

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Had a few hours out this afternoon and managed to keep the silver run going 1816 George 3rd and a George 5th 1930 also a Silver love token Few other coins nice button, buckle and bag seal this was undetected ridge and furrow and about a acre hopefully there will be some more goodies lurking cheers paint :thumbsup:
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Nice one! Silver is repelled from my coil right now so I’m also very jealous! Lovely.
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Always good to be on the silver :thumbsup:
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Nice selection of coins there Ian, more silver well done.
I'm out on ridge and furrow tomorrow, I don't normally find anything on ridge and furrow, hope too follow your success.
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That's encouraging. :thumbsup:
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Bit of a magpie today ian with the shiny bits :D
Well done fella :thumbsup:
Bodes well for future visits to the field
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Nice work, can’t beat a bit of silver :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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