William iii 1697 halfcrown for any further info mint etc

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Found this coin today :Party: blew my ears of as it was only a inch down 95 on the Deus using oxgirl settings thought it was a aluminium can so one of the best surprises I have ever had unfortunately did catch it with my spade :thumbdown: as it was so close to the surface and was not expecting anything good lesson learnt trying to find which one it is in Spink any help would be much appreciated :thumbsup:
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Appears to be the standard issue from that year.
Can`t see a Regional mint mark which is a shame.
By looking up your coin. if it had said GRR instead of GRA would have been rare.
None the less Milled is something i am yet to find.
Well done, :thumbsup:
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Thanks Dave think that makes it Spink 3487 still well happy with this coin :thumbsup:
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Very nice coin and quite liking his black nose too. Early milled silver is always a great find :thumbsup:
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Nice silver :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

well found and saved :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Well done.

William III 1697 .... that was a good year ! - Last week I found a William III 1697 sixpence, like yours in great condition.

You thought yours was an aluminium can, I thought mine was a shottie as exactly the same number as the shotties I had been digging and I had dug one just by it and assumed this was another and that the person had fired both barrells. As you say a lovely surprise when you see its a good condition very old milled silver rather than rubbish

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