Metal detecting kit to get you going

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Easylife wrote: Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:14 am Some opt for the short mini-digger spades but the downside of them is that you will likely end up digging on your knees or getting a bad back unless you are maybe young and fit?
I already owned one of these when I started detecting so used it anyway..I think it cost about £12 and the amount of use I've had out of it over the years is rediculas...

I'm just over 6' so as you say for detecting use it is a bit short and after several holes, you do feel it on the back...

For a youngster or someone on the shorter side they are hard to beat for pasture or's really only on rock hard soil I struggled a bit with it..

Mine now resides in the boot of the car as a spare/loaner....
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I now travel heavy, car fully loaded with everything I need.... spares of every item, first aid kit, food and drink for the 5000....

But when in the field, I travel light - just machine, pin-pointer, spade, finds bag and cap.
I find after about an hour in the field, I’m weighed down with kilos of lead/junk.

You don’t need all the kit the detecting stores try to convince you to have.
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shaggybfc wrote: Mon Aug 03, 2020 1:58 pm I find after about an hour in the field, I’m weighed down with kilos of lead/junk.
That reminds me of one of my fields where there was that much large lead that I left it in bags at the side of the field and collected it later. :shock: :lol:
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I read the title wrong, my mucky mind :oops:

I thought it was something to drool over.. :lol:

Regards Steve
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Oxgirl wrote: Sun Aug 02, 2020 8:13 pm I’m famous for carrying too much, although I’ve gone minimal now. I would however add tissues, a pen and bit of paper, a couple of plasters (and a hat if it’s hot).

In the car I have a box with spray wound cleaner, bandages, a multi tool with penknife, sun tan lotion, a torch, spare headphones, spade, battery charger, bottle of water, woolly hat, loads of gloves ... and the kitchen sink :lol:
:thumbsup: So am i, my car carries our spare nox just in case my own quits. I also have a small tool box with spares.
Tissues are a good idea.
I also have headache tablets and Rennies in ziplock plastic bag.
Spare coil bolts and having a Nox, a coil lug replacement thingy.
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Apart from the basic kit that has already been mentioned,a toilet roll is also high up on my list of what i would consider a basic started kit.

When i am away for the whole day or weekend then the gear i carry in the boot of my truck is always full of detecting gear,why i carry so much is beyond me,but saying that when you are say on a dig miles away then i will in theory never get stuck.While detecting then my basic equipment is just spade,finds pouch with basic spares in like coil bolts,spare batteries for detector/s and pinpointer and a very basic emergency kit and phone.

Spades i always carry 3 from my everyday one that has lasted me possibly 10 years and also really heavy duty ones for when the ground is like concrete,you could drive a tank over them and they still wont break.

Clothing i think is also important and usually carry 2 complete waterproof and a backup lightweight outfit for during the summer months,headphones are also in my mind essential and carry with me when ever i go out 2 the WS5 full cup for the Deus,full cup for the Nox and also another spare full setup that i use on a standard 1/4' detector jack and also the XP wired backphones as spares and also summer months.
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:lol: kitchen sink sound idea
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