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hi all. you'll have to bare with me i'm not really into tech stuff . my daughter bought me a laptop when we were in lock down and i'm still trying to get my head around thing's. I've been in the hobby for 42 years now and still enjoy it as much now as i did when i started although i mainly stay around my local area now due to health problem's but i do try to get out a couple of day's a week even if it's just a few hour's as many of you will know once you have this hobby in your blood you'll never quit. good luck to you all. :thumbsup:
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Hi, Tone, and welcome. Always lovely to have mega-experienced people like yourself here and hope you manage the tech and share your stories with us.

If you experience any tech difficulties just contact me, Cath or Bruce and we'll sort you out. The site's designed to be simple to use and once you get the hang ot it all will be cushty.

Enjoy your time here, Tone :thumbsup:
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Hi Tone, great to have you with us. :thumbsup:
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Hi Tone and welcome aboard. :thumbsup:
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It’s working, you’re up and running, plenty of help here if you need it
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Regards Steve
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thank you for the greeting's everyone.
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Hi Tone, welcome to the forum :thumbsup:
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Welcome aboard Tone :thumbsup: your not alone on the technical stuff
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Welcome in Tone :thumbsup:

Please just get in touch with any of us if you have any questions, no matter how silly you might think they are. We love helping and it helps us improve the forum. You can send us a private message or just post a message in the feedback forum and we’ll get back to you.

We’d love to hear about your detecting adventures :D
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