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Hi everyone
My name is John Ganley and I am a member of Taynton Metal Detecting Club near to Newent in Gloucestershire I was invited to join
The Detecting Hub by a member of our club who has recently joined I will post up some of my recent finds for everyone to see
Looking forward to using the web site
Cheers Blackfeet
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Welcome aboard John nice to have another member of taynton club also known as the gannets hear look forward to seeing some of your best finds :thumbsup: for anyone how has not heard of the taynton club check out there website lots of nice finds to look at
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Welcome John - sounds like Ian has been recruiting! Glad to have you on board :thumbsup:
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blackfeet wrote: Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:29 am Looking forward to using the web site
And we're looking forward to you using it, John. Hope you enjoy it :thumbsup:
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Hello and welcome John. We’re honoured to have members from Taynton.
I’m sure that’s the club a pal of mine belongs to. Paul Bancroft. Do you know him.

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Welcome in John :thumbsup:
If Ians finds are anything to go by then we hope to see many of yours too :clapping:
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Hello John....a few years ago we almost bought a house in Dymock and knocked around Newent a bit. Quaint little place. Lots of history. So i am looking forward to seeing what you scuff out.
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Hi John, welcome. I shall be checking your club site out later.
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oh wow some seriously nice finds, love that panther brooch by the way. Never seen one of those before.
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