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Hello all.I have been detecting since 1980.
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Hi Dave welcome 👍
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So jealous of you guys that started in the 80s :D

Very warm welcome to our merry band Dave :thumbsup:
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Hi and welcome to the forum. :thumbsup:
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Hello and welcome to our band of brothers & sisters.

How about trying to post some pics of your finds. You must have some nice ones by now :thumbsup:
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Hello, chap, and welcome :thumbsup:

Tottenham supporter are we? :lol:

Yet another one with a wealth of experience :shock: I say, would you mind awfully popping over to this thread and lobbing your experience on there?

Much obliged, and thanks. Enjoy the forum :thumbsup:
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Hello Dave....greetings from a Vale fan. Our paths don't cross often as you can imagine. :lol:
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Welcome aboard Dave did have a detector in the 80s but never took it up how stupid was I :thumbdown:
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Hi Dave, welcome. so is it like Yin and Yang …...Gooner and Detecting? ;)
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