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Hi there, I'm David from Lancashire. I've lived in keswick cumbria now since 2002.
I've been detecting on and off since the mid 80's.
I love detecting and only deal with Unearthed uk,The best retailer around..Go visit their online shop and also their facebook,instagram and great YouTube page.
Cheers and happy hunting.👍
2 Crotal bells found in cumbria.
2 Crotal bells found in cumbria.
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2 lovely crotal bells you have there :thumbsup:

Hello from a fellow Lancastrian (now living in the wild south), hope you like it here :thumbsup:
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Welcome aboard David :thumbsup: nice pair of bells there are they ringers? never found one myself
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Hi and welcome. You knew how to get OGs attention,,,,,, with a nice pair of crotal bells :thumbsup: :rollinglaughing:
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Hi David, nice area to detect in Lancs I bet.
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Hi David, welcome to the forum. :thumbsup:
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Hi, David, and welcome. A beautiful part of the world you have there, and look forward to seeing what's come out of its soil for you over the years :thumbsup:
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