Your first hammered...

Steve RC
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I was a bit of a late starter. Henry 111 voided long cross penny of Canterbury found in November 1982.

This first one took me four years to find though in those days much searching took place on beaches and recreation ground/open spaces near to where i lived. Access to arable land took some time to obtain. I remember the feeling of elation when i saw the coin in the clod: something not forgotten.
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Here’s my first one - not the best but I had a grin plastered to my face for the rest of the day :D Class 3 Henry III long-cross.
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Hi everyone not my first hammered but one of my favourites ,aMary & Phillip Groat , my first Hammered was a hoard of Edward 1st Pennies that me and a couple of friends found very very lucky. but the groat holds different memories.
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My first hammered a Queen Elizabeth 1st dated 1580. Found on pasture field in Pembrokeshire Jan 2020.

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This was my first and still remember seeing it in the ground.
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Robert 11 Penny 1371-1390
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This was my first hammerd I found Elizabeth 1st...
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That`s in pretty nice condition. Bet your eyes popped out of your head with it being the first . :thumbsup:
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Pete E
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This was mine..
I wasn’t even sure it was a hammered coin as I was so new to the hobby I was unsure what a “hammy” was, but had heard the term....
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Pete E, that’s a belter!
Dave The Slave
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As many of you are probably aware, i am not a big fan of the " Hammy ". Pellets and whatever mean nothing to me and there seem to be millions out there being found.
This was found in November 2018, with the 400i, on OSR stubble, using Custom Mode, 2 off Max sensitivity, discrim below 60.
Fairly shallow as were most targets.
When found did not initially realise what it was, appeared to be a very thin disc, wiping dirt off it was basically blank. Turning it over revealed a small amount of shield, that caught my attention. Got the water bottle out and gave a quick rinse. Now i could see the full shield but just as important, above it a date, 1569.. Later identified by our resident coin expert Mr A, as a clipped Elizabeth 1st Sixpence. Given that i had not found a Hammered before, was surprised as to how thin they are.
Have only had a really worn unidentifiable Three pence of the same era since.
Good Luck all, :thumbsup:
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