Here we are!

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Hello everyone!

Nice to see a new forum that I hope is a little more, shall we say, liberal! :D

All the best,
Raven :thumbsup:
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Lovely to have you on board. You’ll find us a friendly bunch 8-)
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Hi Raven & welcome. How long have you been detecting ? Anyway hope to see some posts from you . :thumbsup:
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Hi there. :thumbsup:
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Welcome aboard :thumbsup: raven
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Hello and welcome Raven. :thumbsup:
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Well done Tony, good to see you here mate :thumbsup:
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Now there's a name I recall. Great to see you here and if you're looking for "relaxed" you've found it.

Enjoy the forum :thumbsup:
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Good to see you here Tony. :thumbsup:
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Good to see you on here Tony. :thumbsup:
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