Master list of research links to all things metal detecting

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With your help we are building this thread to house important, useful research links found across the world of the internet.
It can be added to as we progress, so if you have a useful research link that isnt already listed then please post it and we will add it to the main list once its been checked and verified as working.

Kind of like a community library :thumbsup:
Note: Most links open in a new tab, but some will not no matter what we do to them.

Code of practice for responsible metal detecting in England and Wales
Crown Estate detecting rules
National Council for Metal Detecting


Coins general:
Numismatic identification toolkit
Searchable list of coin finds and hoards c450-1180
General guide searchable by moneyer, etc
Mint marks on hammered coins
Out of Copyright Coin Books

Celtic coins:
Celtic gold coins
Celtic coin digital index (CCID)

Iron Age coins:
Iron Age coins in Britain (IACB) digital database

Roman coins:
Roman coin identifier
Roman coin attribution kit
Late Roman coins
Roman rulers and their families
Free downloadable zip file:Roman imperial coins

Early medieval coins:
Saxon coins
Winchcombe mint
Styca: Coinage in the Northumbrian landscape and economy, c.575-c.867

Hammered coins:
BAJR guide to medieval coins
The voided long cross pennies of Henry III (PDF)
Paul Shields
Sterling imitations
Mint marks for Elizabeth I and James I coinage
Early Edwardian halfpennies
Early Edwardian farthings
Edward III farthings

Milled coins:
Size and portrait directions
Rose farthings
Evasion half pennies

Foreign coins
Islamic dirhams
Copper coinage of Ireland - E book
Chinese coins
Soldino or Galley halfpence

Nineteenth century tokens
Provincial 18th century tokens (pdf)
18th century tokens by county
17th century tokens by town and county
Lead tokens
Lots of free books on trade tokens
The 19th century tokens of Britain and Ireland (pdf)illustrations from p368


Aiglets (lace chapes)
Medieval and post medieval aiglets

Artefacts - general:
Artefacts: Colchester Treasure Hunting - many links
Finds Research Group data sheets on lots of subjects
A brilliant pdf of small finds covering craft, industry and everyday life
A library of free e books

Cannon balls

PDF of ampullae in the UK

British military cap badges

Bag seals:
Bag seals

Belt mounts:
Bar mounts, shaped belt mounts, strap eyelets

Book fittings:
Medieval and post medieval book fittings

Ancient Brooches visual guide - Richard Hattatt
Roman brooches
PAS guide to brooches
Roman brooches in Britain - a typology - 400+ page pdf paper

Bronze tools
Axe head identification

Buckles through the ages
PAS guide to buckles
Roman animal ornamented buckles and related belt fittings (pdf)
Late Saxon buckles

Buttons and loop fasteners:
Livery buttons identified website archived site
15th/16thC dress buttons
Button guide
British button back marks
Birmingham button makers
London button makers
Paper on buttons and identifying them
Uniform buttons
British military buttons
Hunt buttons
American - George Washington inaugural buttons
Roman button and loop fasteners
Button back marks - searchable list

Cannon balls
See ammunition

Clay pipes and other clay items
Clay pipes
Clay pipe archive
Clay pipe bowl dating
Clay pipe makers marks
Clay hair curlers

Cloth seals
Provenanced leaden cloth seals G. Egan (474 page pdf)
Cloth seals that can be dated to 1600-1625

Coin weights:
See pdf of a guide from LeeLoo in post below
Coin weights 1344-1422 - Norman Biggs (pdf)
Provincial coin weights of the 18th century - Norman Biggs (pdf)
Various books on coin weights

Crotal bells:
Crotal bells history
Crotal bell images

Dress hooks
Medieval hooks and eyes
PAS guide to clothes tags and other dress hooks and eyes
Jetton dress hooks - Datasheet 49 from the Finds Research Group

Finger rings:
Posey/ posy rings
Merchant seal ring marks

Flints and stone tools
‘The Joy of Flint’ stone tool guide (lots of photos)
Lithics and flint guide
Lower palaeolithic books including flint and stone tools - 2 volumes, text and images

Glass - link to detailed publications on glass throughout the ages

Harness mounts:
Medieval hanging mounts and their pendants
Medieval armorial horse furniture in Norfolk (pdf)
Harness pendants

Hooked tags
Anglo Saxon hooked tags - classification

Horse equipment:
Dating stirrups
Saxon harness fittings
Late Saxon stirrup mounts - comprehensive pdf paper
The medieval Horse and it’s equipment (196 page PDF)

Mernick jetton identification guide
Nuremberg jettons

Keys and locks:
Keys and locks
Historical locks and keys

Candlesticks, rushlights, etc.

An E book of naval, military, airforce and civil medals
War medals and decorations - E book

Miniature artefacts
Axe head pendants

Pastry jiggers:
A large set of images of pastry jiggers

Dating spoons (also in the ‘spoon’ section above)
Pewter Society guide
Pewterer’s hallmarks - comprehensive list with illustrations (mainly 17th century)
Pewterbank - brilliant resource for articles and collections

Pigeon rings:
Pigeon rings

Pilgrim badges:
Billy and Charley forgeries

Roman metal pins from Southern Britain - pdf note you can access this for free if you chose ‘No I’ll stay on the free tier’ when you get to the ‘free trial’ page.

Pottery guides for different time periods
Roman pottery
Roman pottery identification

Copper-alloy Purse Components - Finds Research Group data sheet

Seal matrix:
A range of resources on seals and seal matrices
Medieval seal matrix and intaglio
Post medieval seals
Medieval names
Medieval seals and their impressions - 140 page pdf

Dating spoons
The Spoon and its history; its form, material, and development, more particularly in England - pdf
Queen Anne pewter portrait spoons
A catalogue of medieval and post medieval spoons with illustrations

PAS guide to spurs

Stirrups and their mounts
See ‘Horse equipment’

Strap ends:
Medieval strap ends
Viking strap ends (illustrations from p489)

PAS Thimble identification guide
Thimble history with dating guide
Rod Blunt guide to thimbles

Weapons incl. swords and firearms
Anglo Saxon sword pommels
Knife types with different pommel examples

Weights and measures:
Weights and measures of the UK - pdf
Trade weights


Cleaning and conservation:
Electrolysis and rust
Cleaning ancient coins

Researching land ownership
Land Registry searchers

LiDAR maps
Side by side maps

Map research:
Early maps
Tithe map video guide
Local drove roads
Up-to-date satellite

Simple Schedule Monuments map
Roman roads
Historic Environment Records
Map of place names and their meaning
Aerial photos - Britain from Above
Links to a treasure trove of old maps
Ariadne portal - digital and searchable archeological records

Heraldry and family crests:
Free pdf of family crests
Fairbairns crests of leading families pdf book
The heraldry society
Great library of heraldic devices
The handbook of English heraldry (PDF book)

Timeline of Roman Britain
The Roman era in Britain - roads, buildings, dress, pottery, etc.
An extensive library of E books on UK history

Silver and gold hallmarks:
Silver hallmarks
Makers marks & hallmarks on British & Irish silver
Silver makers' marks
Silver assay
Gold assay

Fashion and dress
Fashion history timeline

Kelly’s directory
Grid reference finder
Olde English to modern English
Currency converter 1270-2017
Current value of old money
Units of money and what you it was worth
Timeline of English and British monarchs
GenUK. - genealogy resources incl. parish and other local records
Medieval names
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We have started to put together a resource page for all your links for metal detecting related pages
Please post your links if you would like to see it added to this list
Your post will be deleted after to keep it from spreading across many pages
Your help in this venture is most appreciated and we think it will be a helpful page in time

If you find any dead links then please contact one of the team to sort it out :thumbsup:
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Here is a coin weight book you can have :thumbsup:

Coin Weight Book.pdf
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Only been a HUB member for a short while this is, absolutely brilliant