Just saying hello to everyone

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Robbie Cole
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Hi everybody , have just joined the detecting hub and would just like to say hello to all my fellow detectors
world wide :thumbsup: :lol:
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Eyup Rob, good to see you here buddy! :thumbsup:
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Hello robbie and welcome in :thumbsup:
I will add your youtube channel to your signature later as we have done for terraEnglandia :thumbsup:
Keep an eye out in the top right corner of our page for any notifications too

Enjoy your stay with us and looking forward to seeing some photos and stories of your finds :D
Dave The Slave
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Hi Robbie and welcome.
Good luck and look forward to seeing what you can find.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
MudMax MD
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Welcome to the Dinnington Detector !
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Hi Robbie & welcome :thumbsup:
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North Ranger
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Hi Robbie welcome along :thumbsup:
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Hello Robbie! make yourself at home!
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Welcome Robbie :thumbsup:
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welcome Robbie, to other members watch robbies you tube chan you get a laugh and he is down to earth, cheers bri.( aka sandscratcherbri :D)
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