In Praise of a Hammy

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Forgive me, I can't remember who it was but I remember reading in this forum recently a member saying he found finding a hammy rather tedious as there were millions of them around and he literally went about the place plucking them out like daisies from a meadow!

I beg to differ and after several very hard rounds against the Hertfordshire stubble over the last few days (in tremendous heat) i finally found this this morning amongst the cartridge caps and rifle round cases - the only decent target ( not enough to send me back to hammer the area!).

It bought a smile to my face as a hammy always does! I even like the nick and on closer inspection when I cleaned it just now it seems to be double struck ( is that the right terminology?) as there are pellets from the reverse showing on the obverse side,

So here's to a hammy! And I'm rather glad a don't find too many as it would take the gloss and excitement out of getting one!

All the B
Stay Cool!

P.S I am not requesting an ID hence no scale etc... I am just praising a hammy!
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I wish hammies were two a penny on my land. If anyone has that situation I’ll happily come and clear them so they can concentrate on the Roman grots, etc. :D

Unusual double strike/ blunder or whatever it is - like that a lot!

P.S. On The Hub scale for an ID isn’t mandatory :Luv Ya:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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I like that too for the unusual way in which has been struck. :thumbsup:
I don't find hammies very often so is always a buzz when one shows.
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I think the thrill of the chase is always in finding something rare. That is a personal thing as well...just because something is prolific in your area doesn't mean it isn't rare...and thus more challenging and satisfying to find....somewhere else. That is true of certain kinds of coins, things like crotal bells,militia buttons etc etc. (Except in Norfolk where everything seems to show up.....and where people with a love of detecting 'just happen' to move to on a regular basis. :roll: :lol: )
My favorite finds are personal items with writing on. However a hammy is always a fun find and the design just speaks of the time they were made. I think the bit i like most is the moment after I find them and remove them and see the imprint in the clod. :thumbsup:
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Hammys not quite as rare as rocking horse poo on my permissions, have found a few and still get a buzz when I find one

If they were that prolific there would be no buzz in finding them, two a penny, don’t think so! Only one thing better than a hammy, that’s a hoard of hammys (I wish)

Regards Steve
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Good job I missed that post ! Because hammies ARE like Rocking Horse poo. At least here they are.
I well remember my first. A feeling of disbelieve and, I must admit, dissapointment.
It was was small and insignificant. I was amazed and couldn’t understand why they were held in such high esteem.
But at least I was now a qualified member of ‘The Hammie Club’ :thumbsup:

Wouldn’t mind a few more though. So as already said, if he wants someone to help clear the ground :problem: ,,
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I'm saying nothing concerning my initial impression :silent:

It would be a great shame if hammereds were so numerous as to stop causing excitement. I've just passed the 50 mark and they always give a great deal of pleasure. Long may that continue :thumbsup:
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I wouldn't listen too closely to some of the fantastic stories you hear. Not all but a fair few of them are exactly that.. Stories.
Well done on your lovely hammered coin. I have found around 30 over 10 years detecting once a week because of work etc.
Depends where you are and your permission entirely to be quite honest. I agree with Littleboot really, much prefer a personal find.
Very well done on your lovely hammered coin! Enjoy, more will follow.
I'm certainly very pleased when I find one! :thumbsup:
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