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hi long shot im afer a pair of headphones to suit my Tesoro vaquero, I was promised a pair made by pentechnic especially, for Tesoro/laser detectors but the person never sent them to me :thumbdown: I don't want wireless or out super duper
any body got any tucked away at a decent price plese :D , cheers bri
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Are there any headphones made for other brands that would be ok.
Use my Bounty Hunter headphones with the Garrett 400i, as they cover the full ear rather than the smaller Garret ones.
Just an idea.
Good Luck, :thumbsup:
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Senhieser 206 work well with my machines, lovely and clear, lightweight and not expensive. Never tried them with your detector though.
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Of course lots of HI Fi headphones will work on Detectors ,but you will not get the best results you`d get by using proper "dedicated " for detectors headphones. And I don`t mean cheapies detector types . The Frequencies on Hi-Fi types are not dedicated to the frequencies that a good pair of dedicated Detector ones will produce.
Of course they`ll work ,and you`ll hear noise from Hi-Fi type ones ,but on the ones with the frequency your detector range is covering will be far sharper on very small whisper tones that your HI Fi ones won`t enhance good enough and you could therefore miss deep signals with Hi-Fi ones. .
Most Hi-Fi types are Bass enhanced and thats not good for Detecting ,the last thing you want is Deep Bass sound drowning out the tiny deep whisper signals .You want pure clarity ,and sharpness for the small sounds to pick up thin small coins at depth .
People can choose what they want ,but me, I`ll use dedicated Detector range ones which Ideally is 200 - 3200 Hz .Like My Pair of DetectorPro Black Widows. They block out ALL outside noises and have the correct frequency range.
Grey Ghost, and Nugget Busters ,are two other very good Headphones in the correct frequency ranges .
The only thing is in the hot weather the Black Widows can be a bit sweaty due to their "enclosed" cups over your ears, and do not come in Wi Fi, but if your using an Equinox you can sort of semi wifi them through a WM 08 wireless Audio modual . As far as Sound reproductions concerned ,they are Superb with a Capital S. :D
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