First ever crotel bell and it rings

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Had two firsts yesterday both unexpected :o one more common than the other but both on my list :D I posted the Saxon sceat yesterday as more rare :Party: but I found this bell early in the day and would have gone home happy with that :thumbsup: it’s like a weight has been lifted as it seems everyone has found parts and full bells and have never had a sniff in two and a half years and hundreds of hours but I have one now :thumbsup:
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Well done, especially as you are the first person to hear it ring for Hundreds of years.
May be others in the same area, if there were stock pens there.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Nice find fella...i do love me a crotal bell, only ever found one myself and that was away from my home area too
Excellent stuff :thumbsup:
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Well done, I'm still looking for my first one. Happy days.
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Well done on your first crotal bell, especially as it's a ringer.
Found one last Sunday, unfortunately the side had been stoved in :thumbdown:
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Well done and enjoy it; I played with mine for ages.. "Said the Actress to the Bishop"! :thumbsup: :angel:
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Well done! i have just got in from a 4 hour trudge and I also found a crotal bell. Just been ringing mine too. They are quite common around my permissions as a lot of it was open common at one time.
Yours is quite an early one...earlier than mine by quite a piece. .Looks 17th century to me but I'm sure someone more versed in the aging of bells will be able to pin it down.
Live long and prosper.
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Oh excellent :Star: That’s likely to be a 19th century one and where there is one there are usually more :D

I found part of a big one yesterday too :thumbsup:
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You are on a roll :thumbsup:

A good find if you can get them :thumbsup:

Found only one whole one, wringer too, not many on my land, found some bits

Regards Steve
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Ding dong, well done, a later one. :thumbsup:
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nice little find :thumbsup: i am still waiting to find a crotel bell, well done mate
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Well done, a ringer is well worth the wait :thumbsup:

I found several partial ones, some near complete, before getting my only ringer (and even that has a small crack in it so no exactly "tunefull")

It all depends where you are, they are common in some areas and never found in others. I have never found one locally, so not surprissing that you have not either, yet on one organised dig I did I found 2 (both near complete) close together and some others were found on the same event.

The UKDFD page that Oxgirl links to in the other thread is excellent, and will tell you all you want to know (and more) about crotal bells.

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I find Land that`s had a fair bit of Ploughing on it down the years stands a better chance of finding Crotal bells in it than unploughed pasture types .
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