Could this be Bronze Age spear tip

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Found today on charity dig a few said it could be Bronze Age are they right?
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I don't know buddy, but I hope it is. :thumbsup:
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Yep. BA spearhead section/fragment. ;)

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Another first thanks A never had any Bronze Age before :thumbsup:
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Blimey, Ian, are you on a roll or what? Much more of this and I ain't speaking to you any more :lol:

Cracking find, that man :thumbsup:
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Well found and yes.. without a doubt that is a bronze age spear fragment.! :thumbsup:
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Well found Ian.....great day out again for you...keep it up fella :thumbsup:
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You are on a roll Ian, well done :thumbsup:
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Well done, Ian.
Great find.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Another great find. You are certainly ripping through your bucket list. :lol: Add something pronto otherwise it will be curtains.

Advice to anyone having a dry spell. Find out where Ian lives and follow his car. :lol:
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