A Bead from Today...

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As I mentioned yesterday, the field Bob79 and myself headed to today, so obviously had long periods of civilisation...

Myself, and Bob79 are heading deep into Wiltshire and the cradle of Saxon religious eminence, and under the shadow of Alfred, too a village that was once of huge importance, but time and modernisation, moved the boundaries, and it is now a sleepy little backwater, surrounded by rolling hills, and two deserted medieval villages.

20 odd acres of horse pasture, that has been rained on for the past four days, and just a short frisbee throw from the village church.

The US 101st airborne hid there in WW2, and the British army did the same in WW1, the Roman's walked next door, and before them it was known to the bronze age tribes.

And although I was a little under the weather, and left the field with just a love token, and a silvered button, it was nice to see that someone (K Radcliffe) Managed to get amongst the real history of the area, by finding this lovely bronze bead...


As for myself, I feel a lot better, but not 100%, but thanks for the caring thoughts earlier :thumbsup:
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That is all.

Other than to say, pleased you're feeling better, chap :thumbsup:
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That's a belting find, I don't suppose many of those turn up. :thumbsup:
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Wow that bead is stunning. For me that’d be my find of the year :Star:
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A really nice find. :thumbsup:
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That really is an amazing find. I would be ecstatic finding that!
Bronze to Iron age for sure I would say. Very well done to K Radcliffe! :thumbsup:
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I love that bead. beautiful.
I missed that you had been out of sorts. Glad you are feeling a tad better. :thumbsup:
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Stunning find :thumbsup: would love to find one like that :clapping:
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That is a little gem of a find....very nice :thumbsup:
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