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figgis wrote: Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:29 pm When her ladyship first clapped eyes on that image she thought she'd wandered off into a more 'specialist' sort of site by accident.

"Looks like he ought to be wearing a full leather kit underneath," she said.

"He probably is," I replied. "And, knowing Bruce, no doubt a mankini's involved somewhere down there."

Johneeeee boy....I think you should wear one of these masks for bed. We just don't know if the virus may come through the open window? :?
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Just for the record, i was actually wearing my best Blackadder codpiece, only brought out for those special occassions
Sadly though you cant see that in my selfies as i used it to rest the tripod and camera on to get these selfies :D

Susie, I like you....(smileys in this joint are rubbish, need to speak to someone in charge to sort that out me thinks)
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