Nokta Mini Hoard & Midi Hoard childrens metal detector

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There is a very good review of the Nokta Mini Hoard childrens metal detector (for ages 4-8) in the September Searcher magazine. There is also a "Midi Hoard" detector for 8 - 12+ age range.

As it says there are a lot of "Starter" machines out there, but they are designed for adults new to the hobby, while these detectors are specificaly designed for children.

Nokta emphasise that these are "proper metal detectors designed for children, they are not toys". This supported by the fact that it is fully waterproof, has a pinpoint function and iron discrimination.

The Mini Hoard is £94.95, (£114.95 "cool kit" containing some extras), Midi Hoard £114.95. But looks like they are not on sale quite yet. ...

I can not comment on these detectors, but I have used Nokta / Makro detectors and pinpointers and can vouch for the brand and quality of the equipment they produce. Much better to get one of these than a Chinese cheapo.

Sounds like they could be a good Christmas present for the kids. ..... Of course if the kids want to go detecting it means that Dad or Mum will have to go out detecting with them :D :D

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Not the cheapest as you say, but I would certainly consider one for my grandson when they are released....
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Not just for kids as may suit certain vertically challenged adults also? :silent:
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