What Detectors have you owned up to present day

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Lets see what machines you have owned in the past and what you swing now :thumbsup:
I know some of you have an arsenal of machines for different occassions too
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My first machine was a CScope.....I cant remember its name but was extremely basic (1980 to 81 ish)
Used that a lot on a field local to me and the beach
No idea back then and dug everything

Then i bought a Fisher 1235x
I think this one earnt the nickname of the silver finder from our over the pond cousins
Great machines the Fisher range and i chose them because they appeared to be updating with bells and whistles, where as Cscope kept their machines basic, but still very useable

Upgraded that to a Fisher 1266x, another great machine

My best buy and biggest regret at selling was the Fisher CZ3D
Mine was one of the ones with the serial number that was produced when Thomas Dankowski worked for Fisher. If you havent heard of him and enjoy your technical side of detecting then look him up
His Beach videos are extremely informative, as are his inland videos
Financial reasons forced the sale of that machine, and it sold for more than i paid for it.

Then i had the Minelab Etrac
Beast of a machine in many senses, including its weight
But, i trusted that machine fully with the information it is capable of giving, and found plenty of items to prove its worth

I then had a few Nokta machines, the golden sense, makro racer etc

And up to date i have the Equinox 800, which i call my Etrac on speed.

I know i have used a few other machines in my time, but memory cant seem to recall their names :lol:
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Generic Chinese HokeyCokey2000 for about three months, then upgraded to:

Garret 400i and used that for around six months before seeing a second hand:

Deus, which was quite honestly a deal I couldn't turn down. Think this machine will see me through whatever years I have left :thumbsup:
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My first metal detector was some cheap cheerful contraption I got from a school friend in a swap . Cant even remember what we swapped or even the name of the detector , didn't find much with it of any great shakes other than a few manky coins and plenty of rusty nails :D

First decent machine was the classic all singing "ding dong" Garret Ace 250 , I really liked the machine with the New Tornado Coil . Found my first hammered coin with that beast . Great starter machine and despite the noise I rate them .
My next machine and one I use regularly is the Quest Q40 , I love it and know it inside out . It got a bit side stepped when the Equinox came on the market and seemed to fall by the wayside but I rate them .
Now trying to get to grips with a borrowed Deus Lite and enjoying the learning curve . :thumbsup:
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About 10 years ago I started off with a Whites Classic III SL, upgraded to a Whites DFX, had a Minelab X-terra 705 for a short time then bought a new Deus, and now use a Nox 800 which is far the best of the lot. :thumbsup:
I've also owned some PI detectors, a Minelab GP3000 and GPX5000, but currently have a Whites TDI SL though have no idea when it will get used again as the Nox is such a good all-rounder, but keeping it for when I find that deep hoard! :lol:
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Crikey where do I start .
I`ve had that many all I can say is ,its a helluva lot. Some I even had about three times ,like the Deus. Bought it, sold it, missed it ,bought another Sold it a year later ,etc bought one again further down the line , you know how it goes. Now some I kept for years like the Tesoro Bandido Umax 2 which I only sold last year , and the Compass Yukon Coin Hustler 1 ,which I still own.
It all started with an Savo Invictus Coin Probe .
Candle International IB50 BFO / Savo treasure hunter/
CScope, 200 / CScope 400, /CScope 5000 / Scope Promet Mk2 /CScope, Metadec Mk2 /Arado 120B/ Fisher 1265x / Fisher 1266x /Pulsedec/Whites Beach comber/ Then another pulse I can`t remember the name of ./ Compass Coin Magnum/ Compass Yukon Coin hustler 1 / Garrett Groundhog/ Technetics 9000 (very advanced for the time and very dear )/Tesoro Bandido 2 Umax/ Whites 6000 D i/ Minelab Sovereign XS 2/ XS2A Pro/Minelab Soverign Elite /Minelab Xterra 750./ Garrett AT Pro/
CScope CS 3MX /Minelab Explorer / Minelab Explorer 2/ Whites MXT/ Minelab ETrac/ XP Gold Max/ Golden Mask 3 / XP Goldmax Power x 2 /Blisstool V3 / Nokta (can`t remember the model)/ Vista Smart / XP Deus x 3 /Technetics T2/ Technetics G2+ / Minelab Equinox/ Nokta-makro Anfibio multi/ A lot ,will be not necessarily in this Order.
And there`s some I`ve probably even forgot I`ve had, :D
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Some toy thing that was as much use as a chocolate fireguard bought for the children and used once. Really bought it for myself but I pretended it was for them :Party:

Hinted heavily to the husband about wanting a detector but he claimed I didn’t :roll: Gave up waiting and bought myself a Garrett EuroAce. Moved on to a Deus about 5 months later. Had a Deus ever since, just added different coils and headphones.
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Years ago i had a dodgy thing from Radio Shack, then got a CScope, horrible to handle as it was a shepherd's crook style but acres ahead of the radio shack thingy, then gave up detecting for years.

Came back with a Garrett 300i, kept that for a while, got a Deus Lite, added a remote to it, and recently grabbed a Minelab Explorer XS to use on the beach.

Happy with where I am now, but I do keep eying up CTX3030s....
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My wife’s fault she bought me a Garrett 300i for a Christmas present :thumbsup: took me until May to get it out the box found a old pound coin I think that was my first ever find definitely first ever coin took me until August before I up graded to my Deus with the band new 11” x35 coil :thumbsup: have added hf coil and a orx as a back up detector or if I can persuade the wife to have a go :D just thinking of buying the x35 13” coil for another toy :thumbsup:
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had to many to remember. first machine back in 1978 was a c-scope ib very basic since then had arado's /tesoro's /fisher's /c-scope/explorer's. and golden mask. machine's at the moment nox/vanquish/ and a old gm 18khz .
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Still very new to the game having only started in March 2019.

I started out with a Macro Racer 2 which got me completely booked on the hobby. I found it a very good machine and it found me a couple of hammies and assorted other silver plus a length of gold chain.

I eventually changed to a Nox800 primarily to avoid coke and am currently enjoying the learning curve associated with it..

In all honesty I am not sure the Nox will find me any more than the Racer, but it is more pleasant to use and digging coke is pretty much a thing of the past now...
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Oxgirl wrote: Wed Aug 19, 2020 10:41 pm Some toy thing that was as much use as a chocolate fireguard bought for the children and used once. Really bought it for myself but I pretended it was for them :Party:
So I guess that was the Deus then? :rollinglaughing: :rollinglaughing: :rollinglaughing:
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Would have been around 1979, C scope can`t remember the model. Shepherds crook handle and 2 knobs
When i got back into detecting in 2005, Bounty Hunter, Tracker IV,which still gets a couple of run outs a year and i use its headphones on the 400i, as i like full ear protection.
2014 C Scope 4Pi bought specifically for wet sand, never really liked this one, with no discrimination, plus holes filling with water, actually preferred using it on dry sand.
2016, when i finally gained an inland permission, my beach funds had surpassed the amount i had planned to buy a Garrett Ace 250 with , so plumped for the 400i, which is my main detector.
Beep, Beep, :thumbsup:
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Started off with a Tesoro Silver Sabre 2. Re-joined the hobby years later with a C Scope 990XD. Progressed to a Whites XLT, then two Makro Racer 1's followed by a Whites DFX300. Currently on a Racer 2 with another C Scope 990XD for the sand. Oh, also had a Tesoro Compadre for a while (so light it almost floats away) .
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