Game on again!

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Out for a couple of hours on my stubble field. The stubble has just been left for many months and when I first gained this field the stubble really limited where was detectable. Then all the weeds started to grow which made it quite undetectable. But I happened to go there to check something out and found that even though there is all sorts of wild things growing now, the stubble is incredibly weak so game on again with a little bush bashing.
It's an unusually clean field with infrequent targets, but most were coins. One coin I had some trouble IDing is a fake George III half crown, which makes a change from the numerous fake bullheads about. There was part of a barrel tap key, a bit of a buckle and possibly part of an iron and silver spur (up for ID). A pressed metal button with an unusual design, a lead knob supposedly from tobacco jars, and a lead weight - so a few curios.
Here's the real deal:
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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Bet that was a good dig. It’s nice to have a quiet field where the nice sounding signals are actually worth digging. Loving the forgery too. I used to be annoyed by them but actually they are an important part of our social history, and many are collectable in their own right.
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Good amount of coins.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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