Channel Islands coinage

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Since 1834 the Channel Islands have closely followed UK mainland coinage, and the coins have the monarchs portrait on the obverse.

However it is not legal tender in the UK mainland, although the odd coin does turn up in lose change! - so can be found by detectorists (I have found two).

This is an interesting item about Channel Islands coinage, including dates that the various coins were issued.

While this is much more detailed and includes mintage figures.

Then of course there is Numista (in the URL Guernsey is misspelt, although correct in the search option)

Alderney also issues "collectors" coins, but not coins for general circulation.

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Great info and thanks for posting, Evan :thumbsup:
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"Currencies of the Anglo-Norman Isles" by A.L.T. McCammon is the book on this series, published in 1984, with a small supplement {to which I contributed} about ten years later.
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