Never ignore footprints, a message for newbies

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When watching a vid from me fave youtuber I noticed one of his good finds was at the end of his swing and in the footprints of his previous line (he was gridding). When I pointed it out he remarked that he's shocked by the number of times that happens and that coverage of the ground directly in front of him seems to be a weak spot. He has what you'd call a good, tight swing and if it can happen to him it can happen to anybody.

Whenever I see my own footprints I'm never put off as I know how easy it is to miss things (especially if you're me :oops: ) and have frequently found decent stuff where, in theory, I shouldn't :thumbsup:
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TheFenTiger wrote: Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:13 pm Its a bit sad people have to be bashed for the detector they use. Thought this site would have been better for that.
Where what :shock: tis just a bit of banter :thumbsup:
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Saffron wrote: Tue Aug 25, 2020 4:03 pm A lot of sense in this post. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Even where the footprints mark where people have been detecting, rather than taking a break, the majority of people do not overlap swings and use a sawtooth detecting motion leaving gaps where the goodies can be.

About 3 years ago I was on a fair sized rally, after lunch some more fields were opened up. Most people charged straight into them, but one chap was talking so missed the initial stampede. After a while he went into the first field and a few yards in got a good signal but then spotted it was from a hole that had been backfilled, he thought it was such a good signal that he would check anyway ..... it was a gold sovereign :shock: :Party: But sadly as others have said normally its just scrap that people leave behind.

On one rally i didnt attend, my mates told me how they all stampeded to the top of a hill, not detecting the bottom, Then one or two who stayed at the bottom started finding gold staters, unfortunately they shouted about it and next minute every man and his dog were there and a large hoard was found :roll:
Going one further i was on a field with my mate and i found five hammered one after the other, i told my mate to work in the opposite direction to me, eventually he agreed and found another three i had missed
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I'm not a lover of crowds, so i rarely attend big digs
But the few i have been too goes like this:

I turn up, shake a few hands with folks i havent seen in a while, meet a few i've never seen before
Pays me money
Puts me wellys on, get my machine out, push my spade in the ground to rest my machine on
Then turn around to say something to the fella i was chatting too and all i see is specks in the distance :shock:

Its like whacky races and thats people with all sorts of machines running off in all directions!
How some of them dont take off amazes me

I have found diggable signals close to peoples footprints, which is hardly surprising really

I think rallies or big gatherings for some reason changes peoples mindsets and they forget how they are meant to detect

Good advice though for the new detectorists :thumbsup:
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I'm almost always one of the first to the top of the hill, but I detect my way up there at a normal pace.

My knackered ankles won't get me up the hill at the end of the dig so I start properly at the top and make my way down, that way I don't have a huge section that I can't get to because I can't walk properly, lol.

I only go on rallies with my club now, and everyone is well behaved as they all know the landowners, far more civilised than some of the facebook digs I used to attend.

Although pretty much everyone uses a deus I find things the others have missed, and I'm sure others find things I have missed, we all use different settings, different sized coils and at the end of the day, when we're on club land we have all been over it before, but we still find stuff.
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