Nox on deep targets and iron!

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With the Nox in multi frequency, Field 1, all metal and 50 tones, when you get say a deep (12” or so) copper coin or piece of lead for example it often gives an unmissable elevated TID into the 30’s. Most other detectors do quite the opposite and just give an iron buzz - so naturally easily dismissed if you are used to that!. But with the Nox iron never reads high so can always be guaranteed to be a very deep non-ferrous target near to detection limits. Many detectors are indeed fooled by iron wrap around into the high numbers, but you just don’t get that with the Nox. Anyone coming to the Nox from other detectors may naturally easily instinctively dismiss these type of targets as deep iron - but they never have been in my experience yet.
Iron fools the Nox way less than with any single frequency detectors, it often gives a solid 15, but using 50 tones it has a tell-tale edge to it which warrants further checking with 10khz and often then is just so obvious if you are savvy and saves digging, unless you seek iron of course? On a really quiet field I sometimes just dig some known iron just for the crack and it’s usually an iron chain which gets slung into the hedge bottom!
But even small silver can create a similar much elevated Nox TID, though it was more scratchy, a small silver Vicky 3d showed from a genuine 10” deep on my previously well hunted ground when I first got the Nox so I was well impressed and it has not ceased to surprise me ever since.That may sound like a ramp up, but no doubt many Nox owners can quite relate to it as quite normal?
I’m just too lazy to create any test beds in the field. But it just seems to be a phenomenon that happens to very deep targets that would otherwise have a TID of about 20 upwards (that’s about 85 in other detector speak!). But as yet I am not quite sure of the cut off point or the defining criteria to create this vastly beneficial effect as it appears to be related to at least medium sized targets of rather good conductivity? Of the combined frequencies it is no doubt mainly the lower frequencies that are better identifying the target at such depth that would otherwise normally be completely be missed by higher frequencies I suspect? So with that in mind on the next iffy screamer I’ll compare 4khz over it just out of interest? Just what's not to like? Any other user opinions? :thumbsup:
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I mainly use Neil`s Beach to Land program and Field 1 - 2 tones, sensitivity at 24.
I have dug the odd large chain and old clothes iron. If the signal jumps around and if I lift the coil 12" off the ground it is iron and I don`t dig it.
When I found the 2 iron cannon balls they came in at 20 so I dug them but on my mates Deus it was a low grunt and he would have kept on walking. If I get a strong constant signal from side to side I dig it.
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