Artefact for id

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Found yesterday evening don’t think it’s very old but not sure what it is or what it was used for. Any help would be good it’s quit heavy and solid my thinking is a key of some sort or pipe tamper because of shape
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Looks like a handle of some sort that was attached to a square bar. Bet that gave an ear blasting signal :D
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I’m thinking it’s a valve handle off a steam plough :thumbsup:
But I’m hopeless at id’ing finds.... my track record pays testament to that :D
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Looks good whatever it is.
With Shaggy on this one, valve handle but from what ?
Good find, :thumbsup:
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Yar, a valve handle - though from what is anyone's guess.
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I seem to recall seeing one of these long ago, exactly the same and was a key for something to do with railways! :Thinking:
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Stumbled across this on another forum. Apparently it's a water cut off key - so they say.

scan down the images and last post.
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