Whats your favourite silver coin find ?

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Friedrich III Slesvig-Holsten-Gottorp Z SL - FRID ICH VG TS G ER ZV NOR H ZV SCHL HOLS. Aproximately 1620. But coin is with no year on, but around 1616-1659.
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Thats a great find John, cheers for showing fella :thumbsup:
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I love that John! My dad was named Fred.....and he would have been so tickled to see a coin with the word 'Fred' at the top. :lol:
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About this time last year I was very lucky to find this gem of a coin and one of my favourites . It was the kind of find you just stare at in disbelief and then go have a sit down on the edge of the field with a cuppa !
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the-roman wrote: Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:43 pm This is probably my favourite Roman, An Argenteus of Maximian :thumbsup:
Lovely coin Keith, what century is it ?. :thumbsup:
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GeoffBristol wrote: Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:32 pm Lovely coin Keith, what century is it ?. :thumbsup:
I believe it was minted around 294 AD mate :thumbsup:
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Ok so i was a bit naughty earlier, This was my favourite of all time, i say "was" as i sold it when needs must at the time, I swore i would never sell it, and regret it looking back, but i still have the record on UKDFD and can see it anytime i want
Denarius of Hadrian, struck at Rome, AD 136.
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Here is my favorite silver coin find - Trajan Denarius
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