Nice surprise this evening

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Crops off one of my favourite fields :Party: only get a short time on it as it’s turned around fast anyway had an hour this evening after all that rain :D did find one coin though it was a gorge 2nd farthing had a few of them in the past so not over excited until I got home and had a closer look not gorge the 2nd :o so gorge 4th was the next thought no that wasn’t it :problem: so finally got back to Charles 2nd and there it was a very early milled copper farthing so over the moon with this coin first Charles 2nd farthing :thumbsup:
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A great find for copper. :thumbsup:
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Oh, so that's what he looks like! He's mostly a smear on any of his coins I find, like most people, I suppose.

Nice find :thumbsup:
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Superb find. We all get so frustrated with the George coppers as most are toast. Lovely :Party:
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