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Hello and a warm welcome to the forum :thumbsup:

Below are some pointers, complete with links, to forum articles designed to be helpful to anyone starting out in the hobby. We all entered detecting as beginners with little if any knowledge so if you don't find the answer to your specific question here then never be afraid to ask - someone will always be along help.

Please click on the links provided below for information on the various topics.

How does the forum work?
Our Rules can be found here and will give you an idea of how we operate, so please take a couple of minutes to read them. We also have an Introduce yourself section where you can say hello and be assured of a warm welcome. It's by no means compulsory, just a way of breaking the ice if you're of a mind to.

Which detector should I get?
There is a comprehensive guide to starter machines here with information on the main models in dedicated subforums.

Where can I use it?
Before you use your detector you'll obviously need somewhere to use it, known as a 'permission'. There is a subforum entitled Permissions with many useful hints and tips on how to go about gaining permission, both on beach and land.

If you'd like to get started by detecting beaches, you should take a look at the Crown Estate site to see where you can detect by permissive right. Beaches outside the Crown Estate are owned by someone and you will require specific permission as you do on land.

Identification of finds
So now you have your detector and somewhere to use it. You're going to start finding stuff. How can you get help to find out what it is? Simple - just ask in the Finds ID section! But there are things we need from you first and you'll find this ID Request Guide covers what you need to do, including:

Uploading images
Please read this guide, follow it, and you'll have every chance of getting an accurate ID. Don't forget, if you experience any problems in uploading images then don't hesitate to say so and help will shortly follow.

TIP: hit the "Preview" button to make sure your images have uploaded before submitting.

Any help you require is only a short post away, so all you need do is ask. Don't forget that if someone helps or comments it's always polite to thank them, which can be done either in words or by pressing the "thanks" button (the thumbs-up icon which appears in every post) or preferably both!

Thanks, and good luck.

The Admin Team.
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