Other finds from Wednesday

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After posting the 3 hammies I collapsed in a pile with a glass (or 2) of wine. When I eventually recovered enough energy to empty my finds bag on Thursday and had a couple of surprises. I thought the other stuff was worth posting, not because anything is mind blowing but because I usually only post the choice things and that doesn’t really represent a day’s detecting does it :Thinking: So here’s a bigger report :thumbsup:

There’s one area at the far end of the big field that I think had a house on it. There’s loads of stone around and it’s very noisy. I am still trying to work the field out and haven’t gone near about 80% of it yet so didn’t stay there that long. However I did dig two signals there. One was a broken medieval forked buckle spacer plus what I thought was a piece of thick copper wire. It was actually a purse frame like this one . They are dated 1500-1550.
Think I need to go back to that area but it's a long walk with quite high weeds and it’s a long way from where I was finding silver so we’ll see.

Also had a round lead disc that I thought might be a bag seal but actually I think might be a coin weight. It weighs 8.6g. Maybe it us just a bit of nothing anyway :lol:
Also had a BP oil cap, a copper hanging loop, pewter spoon/ fork handle, square 19/20th century harness mount, a few bits of clay pipe, a fragment of what would have been a quality bronze bowl or similar with file marks (second photo below above the pottery) and the other usual buttons and stuff.
I’ve been asked a few times to include the rubbish and other targets I’ve dug so photos of the largeish pile of lead and the complete trash are included too.
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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A good day, then, Cath :thumbsup:

Plenty there to keep you occupied and lots to look at. Add this little lot to the hammereds amd you've had a right result :thumbsup:
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The BP petrol can cap is OK recently sold 5 assorted caps I found detecting for £25
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That’s a lot of digging for a few goodies which were very nice and makes it worth while :thumbsup:
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Considering all the good stuff you post its good to get the photo of the rubbish as well, just proves that even on a good site you have to dig a lot of rubbish for a small percentage of "good" finds.

Blackfeet beat me to it as I was going to say that oil caps are quite collectable, although I think BP is a more common one.

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As others have said it is good to have the rubbish pile pics too, as it does show the ratio of good finds compared to holes dug
Still, a nice selection of finds and some silver, hoping for great things from these fields :thumbsup:
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