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Back to my new fields hoping to dodge the showers and ignoring the black clouds gathering overhead. Got away with it too. 3 hours in coolish but comfortable temperatures without getting soaked!

So second hole out popped one of my favourite things (not!) a Roman coin. Not in the best of nick but good enough to ID. I think it’s an Emperor Constantine follis with a Romulus and Remus reverse? So 4th century.
I knew from there this would be a bronze/ copper type of day and so it turned out to be. 5 more coins turned up - a Vicki penny, a penny of unidentifiable monarch but with a harp on the reverse (Irish penny?), a rose farthing and a farthing of one of the George’s plus a complete toasty.
The third hole I dug had a 17th century double looped spectacle button, the fourth hole a belt mount and the 5th hole a belt hook.
I wandered a bit further into the field and had a copper thimble. Then, a few feet away, the next hole was a silver thimble. A tiny one. Then next to that the top of a 17th century button with a chequerboard etched design.

Other finds included 2 modern bangles, found together, and a 18-19th century fancy button with some gilding still intact.
Finally I was pleased to spot part of a fossil eyes only.
XP Deus on v5.21 with the HOT programme and reactivity reduced to 2.5 with the X35 11” coil. An enjoyable 3 hours :D
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Yep, Rome commemorative Cath, might clean up a bit :thumbsup: a few interesting bits and bobs there :D :thumbsup:
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Nice collection there Cath :thumbsup: always like a rose farthing
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Cracking day out, Cath :thumbsup: The best find is of course blatantly obvious but you'll kick it into the long grass as per usual :lol:
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Very good - I like the button!
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Such a broad timeline of finds so far in 2 outings, bodes well for Brooches and possibly some Gold too :thumbsup:
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Looks like you had a great day. I think there's loads of potential there with finds appearing across a large time frame. Going back to about 450 million years ago! I believe it's a fossil sea urchin. My favourite find is the spectacle buckle.

Thanks for posting :thumbsup:
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