Opportunity Nox Day 2: The Rally and The Second Worst Thing That Can Happen To a Detectorist

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Oxgirl wrote: Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:28 pm Great write up. You almost had me considering a Nox for about 10 seconds. That’s a compliment as no one else has managed that!

Was there any good finds at all after a full day though? That would send me very disheartened so you have more patience than me :thumbsup:
I only had a couple of hours to hunt on this day but there weren't any good finds on 'this' occasion :)
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Hey trev just read the last hunt with me and yes I can tell you all its the toughest field I've been on and it's full of coke too,if we could get are normal depth there would be some great finds.I've been on the field every afternoon this week and I'm going this afternoon I've had some good finds which I will post,I also have tweaked the nox that much I'm digging the odd bit of coke and plenty of iron but some of those iron signals have been good finds.enjoyed the read trev and I'm in the local watering hole just sunday night due to the 10 o'clock close so feel free to join me for a couple cheers ken
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Here's the details:

Date of hunt: Saturday the 12th of October 2020
Location: Derbyshire
Ground: pasture with low iron contamination.
Detector: Minelab Equinox 800 v.3.0 with 15" coil
Hunt Time: 4 hours.

A New Permission
My mate called me on Thursday asking me if it was too short notice for me to go detecting this weekend and I basically said, "Always ready for detecting!" He told me the location and I studied an old map of the area using NLS mapshttps://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=5&lat=56.00000&lon=-4.00000&layers=1&right=BingHyb . If you haven't used this resource I heartily recommend it. You can compare a modern Google map side by side with maps from over 100 years ago. I didn't spot anything in particular on this site but I just wanted to share a resource I use.

The site looked really interesting so we went to meet the farmer on the day. He was quite surprised when we turned out in the driving wind and rain. He said, "You'll not be detecting in this, will ya?" We confirmed we would be, and he said fair enough. He showed us the fields we had available and we made our way to them with high hopes.

All Weather Detectorists
We waited in the car for the rain to subside a little. I was chomping at the bit but my mate had forgotten his waterproof trousers so he proved understandably reluctant to leave the warm confines of the car. Within 10 mins of increasingly crude banter we decided to make a go of it. For some reason my earphones were no longer paired so I had to sort them out (not sure how it happened?) I set off and immediately found these fields were much quieter than the last dig (day 3). I turned the Reactivity down to 3 and whacked the Sensitivity up to 25 My first signal was a buzz/beep and it was a 3ft chain with a hook at the end which looked like it had been buried after the filming of Hellraiser! I wasn't surprised I ended up digging this as the shapes of all the iron rings tricked me into thinking it was a decent signal. I found the odd 19th century button and then got a faint 'irony' signal which occasionally gave a sweet, quiet, high pitch signal. Signals here were few and far between and I was digging 'iffy' signals anyway just because sometimes they're good items at the depth limits of the descrimination. I dug down and took out the first 6" of soil but the find was still in the hole. Plus it really improved the signal. I really love these moments when you are rewarded for chancing an 'iffy' signal and they improve like this. It sang louder and sweeter and I located it over 9" down. It was a ring! It had the 'look' and feel of silver but I couldn't find any hallmarks so I put it into my inside pocket (next to my heart).

We had a wander over several fields just to get a snapshot of what kind of dated objects were turning up. My mate did turn up an old coin which I suspect was a William III halfpenny but that has yet to be confirmed. I had a few more finds all of which you will see below. I had a great day and even the weather didn't dampen my spirits. The ground was sparse finds wise but I still had enjoyed it. The scenery in the Peak District was stunning and I saw the best rainbow I've seen since I was a kid. Just gotta find the end of it... ;)

Comments, suggestions, find identifications, questions are always welcome.
Take care all, and as always, happy digging!

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Average finds
Good find (tested and confirmed to be silver [no hallmarks])
Iron x9, modern trash x8, lead x1, copper alloys x10, silver x1 Total digs 29
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