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Afternoon All,
I have been filming a bit recently which although very good fun, is quite time consuming! I managed a couple of hours this morning without the camera and it was quite nice just getting back and digging holes without worrying about getting good stuff caught on film!
Anyway thought might post a couple of photos of some roman fibulas - one from yesterday - the "whole-er" one - and two from today... disced fields ,Herts. I really like the large 'catch' - it must have been a very grand brooch once and I have not come across this design before, it looks almost Art Deco! And the other is surprisingly long... i think its a brooch.. or a pin?
All the Best
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Excellent finds Alexander. :thumbsup:
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HolzHammer wrote: Wed Sep 02, 2020 2:59 pm And the other is surprisingly long... i think its a brooch.. or a pin?
It's a brooch :thumbsup: Could be a P-shaped but it's certainly been badly treated by the plough.

The catchplate is similar to one I found which is a Colchester derivative (1stC).


And I'll lay odds that the other brooch is also a 1stC Colchester. Alloverover will be along sometime to tell you what they actually are though :lol:
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Long one is a 1 piece Colchester, completeish one is a 2 piece colchester, catch plate could be from either of those but I suspect its from a 2 piece :thumbsup:
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