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Last couple of digs on my permissions have been normal fair :| it’s hard to explain the euphoria of finding of a gold coin :D and the next day digging the usual stuff hopefully one day I will hit that high again :D I’m sure it’s why we do this hobby the highs and the Normal as far as I’m concerned there are no lows it’s a great hobby even with out finding stuff. Sorry I’m not not the best with words as I would have a few stories to tell :thumbsup:
Any help on the lead items and the hook like thing would be good
Cheers paint
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Top item is a sword hanger, 16th/17th century from memory :thumbsup:
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Ahhh, my type of day :thumbsup:

Your words are fine Ian, dont let yourself hold yourself back from telling your stories.....always interesting to read peoples adventures in their own words :thumbsup:
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I know exactly what you mean, there’s nothing quite like it. In my case I would have used the words, disbelief and emotional. Mainly because I cried :oops:

The next few trips out were barren. My fault, of course because I insisted on gridding the area where I’d found my goldie.

Takes a while to come down off that high and realise it’s ‘back to normal’. I’m sure you’re in with a good chance of finding another one :thumbsup:
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Those high's are certainly what it's all about I think. I was lucky enough to find a William III gold Guinea in a field about twenty years ago. Every time I went in that field I would make a point of going over that area, just in case, a blow me if about fifteen years later I found a James II Guinea about twenty foot away from the first. It does happen and I am still hopeful that another might turn up on the next visit :thumbsup:
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