Neolithic polished votive axe.

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Well...i wasn't expecting this. I have been restricted a bit lately because I've had a lot of work on. Nothing massively of note found on the fields waiting to be seeded nearest my house. (They are easy to 'pop' on to in the scraps of time I have had.)
A silver Russian 10 Kopek piece....(same size as and vintage as a vicky sixpence).... obviously pre-revolution but the date is illegible. First russian coin I have had. A broken childs silver bangle made in Birmingham in the early 1900's. An older child's silver ring with what I think is an image of the child's patron saint Nicholas. Could be Russian as well and found quite close to the Kopek. And then a 17th century silver button in complete condition. i like that one.
A few other interesting bits including a rather abraded bronze Merovingian equal-arm brooch with the classic ring and dot design. Quite small. Found near a small fragment of Merovingian shroud-hook I found some time ago. so something going on there.
So i was in search of more Mero stuff in the adjoining field. (The other bits were found very near the boundary.) This field had some drainage put in it last year. Lots of quite deep trenches dug all across it and I hoped this would have fetched something old up. Trouble is, this field has had quite a few doses of the dreaded Green Waste over the last few seasons. I can usually work it, but when i got on it had been disked and was very fluffy. That meant even signals for good stuff would be all broken so it quickly became impossible and so i resolved to have another go on it after the ground compacts by weather, the roller, or both.
So I was walking back home but of course I always look at the ground :lol: ...and there, poking out of the dusty soil and sprinkling of flint nodules was this unmistakable shape. Something HAD been dragged up from deep levels after all! It is quite small.....and I like it because one half is smoothly finished and the bit that presumably went into the miniature shaft is in the shaped state as it was before polishing. (I darsay the maker didn't bother as it would be covered up....well that is my idea anyway.)
Never found a polished thingummy before. It is amazingly tactile.

I'll take some photos of my other bits and bobs tomorrow.
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Wow, what an outstanding eyes only find, Jan.
That still looks sharp.
Great spot, :thumbsup:
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I am beyond jealousy into the depths of speechless awe. I adore that Jan. Stunning thing and I bet it is very, very tactile. The hours of work to make it is mind boggling really!

Bet that made you smile :Star:
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simply...... WOW!
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What a great eyes only find Jan...very nice :clapping:

I agree the amount of work back then to make such a thing is incredible, even if just a votive offering
I have recently been absorbing the pyramids and how they were supposed to have been built
The tools available to them makes it a seemingly impossible task, but they did it

There must be more stuff like that in your area, great historical piece for sure :thumbsup:
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I have to say that this has got to rank as one of the best finds on here so far . That is a true work of pure craftsmanship , what a lovely find . :thumbsup:
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That is all.
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Where's the green with envy emoji when you need it - lovely find and well saved.

It's got to be worth a bit of field walking over that area. It's unlikely to be a votive offering as polished axes were widely produced in the Neolithic period. You are right about the rough part - it's thought to add more friction when fitted to the handle which most probably makes this a working piece.

You might also keep an eye out for pottery and perhaps a polissoir - piece of sandstone used for grinding the axe surface. The "sprinkling of flint nodules" this unusual for the field as it could indicate a place where more flint is being worked. I know where I would be on a warm September evening.

A very nice find indeed :thumbsup:
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A superb find, well spotted :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

That is a bucket lister for sure :Star:

Regards Steve
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I'm no geologist but it doesn't look like flint - which might mean it has more of a story to tell. Tools like this were traded widely across Europe and from different sites across the UK. Might be worth a chat with the local museum (as long as they give it back) or a local rock person to see where the stone may have come from.
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Fantastic. :thumbsup:
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Love the little hand axe. A dream find. :clapping: :clapping: :thumbsup:
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Very nice indeed
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Wow ! Brilliant! And fantastic. Well saved. :thumbsup:
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That goes to show that it doesn't need to be made of metal to be a great find. Very nice indeed. :thumbsup:
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