First Hammered coin with the Deus Lite

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Back out on the fields today and this time with a few more hours extra and no obstacles in the way which allowed me to go to my original plan of using both the loaned Deus Lite and my old Faithful Quest Q40 so I could alternate between the two machines and try and gauge how they compared with targets , that was the plan . It is quite apparent that the Deus Lite is by far the more sophisticated out of the two , it is lighter and slimline where as the Q40 is a little more robust and heavier but I do love this machine . I know it inside out and it has served me very well and if you are confident in your machine then you are halfway there .
I thought I would struggle without having the target ID display board that I been so used to these last three years but to be honest I had got so used to the vast majority of sounds that I very rarely bothered to look at the screen and so began to realise that the sound at least for me is more important . I am in no way an expert but I do know my machine but it took at least a year for me to get to grips with it and slowly but surely the confidence grew because it works for me .

There is such a vast array of new detectors on the market and updates are constantly moving forward with the latest technology , its enough to blow your mind and if like me you are not techno friendly it becomes a daunting prospect when dipping your toe into yet another realm of upmarket machines . So , it was with some trepidation that when I was very kindly offered the loan of the Deus Lite I accepted although a little unsure , I like easy simple but surprisingly the daunting prospect of trying out this popular model was made that much easier with some Kindly advice and help and truth be known , its not that bad and as my good Lady remarked , "grow some round bits " and stop being a woose !
As with all good plans they don't quite go accordingly and one look at my chosen field with the deep ploughed ruts I am afraid to say my dear old favourite Q40 lay dormant in the boot of the car while my new found friend , lighter and easier to manoeuvre came out to play .

The weather was superb , bright clear blue skies , a slight comfortable breeze and the warmth of the sun on your back , an Indian summer no doubt , it was glorious . I staked out an area but to be honest I was going all over the place such was the heavy rutted conditions of the ground , yes it was soft and easy to dig but with sunbaked high spots it was easy to lose your footing so it was not a steady trundle , more like a Max Wall strut minus the bald head . I eventually abandoned the stakes , left them on the edge of the field with my bag and decided to just go for a semi straight line and wander about where ever the plough will take me . Plenty of buttons and a couple of nice ones to be fair as well as the usually bits of iron and dreaded tin foil and ring pulls . I am digging everything , good or bad and listening to the sounds and slowly getting used to it . My next target gave a really good steady two way signal and it was different to the many I had been digging , this one sounded really good and now I know why when this little gem came out .
Hammered coin deus 1.jpg
Hammered coin Deus 2 .jpg
My first hammered of the season and with the Deus Lite and it is in remarkable condition , that was me done for the duration , wasnt bothered if I found nothing else .
The rest of the finds good and bad , it was busy few hours of digging every signal so I built up quite a pile .
hammeted deus scrap.jpg
hammered deus finds.jpg
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Great condition coin there my man.....well done :thumbsup:
Excellent news you are liking your loaned "new" machine.....i can see a letter being sent to Santa before long :lol:

Agree with the plethora of tech available to us, but luckily you have had some good advise and the kind loan of a deus to get you going...
Kudos to the loaner too :clapping:
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That is one stunning coin :Star:

The thing about the Deus is it really isn’t hard to get the basics sorted in your head if you keep it simple - start on the easier programmes and don’t fiddle with it. Once you’ve mastered the sounds then you can move on to the more advanced programmes and then you can really open the throttle :D But learning by sound is the way to go. Everyone said that to me when I started and so I put the controller in my pocket and only looked at it to learn, not to make dig decisions.

Saying that the controller is very useful on some sites, especially if there’s lots of coke. But I rarely look at it it now, except for the fun of guessing the target which is a habit I am happy to continue forever as it’s something I enjoy.

A couple more trips and you’ll be ready to move to full tones. I think you’ll enjoy that as it seems you’ve already got a grasp of three tones. And silver does sound nice doesn’t it? It stops me in my tracks when that unmistakeable high tone hits my ears - it loves silver!

Take advantage of the good weather this week - we want to see more silver please :Luv Ya:
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A nice collection and great hammy :thumbsup:
not found one for ages :cry:

I spotted a clog clasp and part of a purse bar in your finds, :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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That’s a great set of finds and the hammy is in super condition :thumbsup: and you are learning a new detector well done :clapping:
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Steve_JT wrote: Sun Sep 13, 2020 10:09 pm ... and part of a purse bar in your finds, :thumbsup:

Well spotted Steve, so there is :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Cracking coin, that, Paul. Well done :thumbsup:

Lemme tell you a secret... I've had the Deus for three years and I rarely take it out of the Ultimate programme and rarely fiddle with the settings on that, either. Now, you might argue that I've got all that technology going to waste and all those bells and whistles looking for a decent home and I suppose that's true to an extent. But the fact is that I'm lucky enough to have incredibly productive land and a top programme to search it with.

Just because you have lots of parameters to change it doesn't mean you have to change them. It's possible to find a programme that suits you and your land and you can leave it at that :thumbsup:
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Lovely coin Kenlyeyboy, Deus and the round 9" hf is my weapon of choice at the moment and I am doing fairly well with it, a lot of the time I use it on 55khz but it does pay to swith the freq about and get a feel for it as sometimes the high frequency dosent seem to cut the mustard.
Looks like a bit of late medieval/post medieval purse frame bottom right in the finds pic and again, thats a lovely penny :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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