Invited out today by a top man

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Make yourself a brew or pour a Gin and prepare for the tired ramblings of someone who feels double his age now

I was invited out today to visit Ian (paint) on a couple of his fields

I arrived at our meeting spot wearing my red rose as discussed, and a few minutes later Ian rocked up with his bottle of water :Party:
We couldnt Hug, nor shake hands, so decided on a fist bump instead (am i allowed to say that here?)
Anyways, we chewed the cudd a bit at the meeting spot as the last time we met was over 18 months ago!

Arrived at the field and parked up and began the challenge of getting myself suited up and looking like i know what i am doing.....Failed as i had to open the boot at least 3 times as i had forgotten something :lol:

So off we trotted across the one field , by my approximations was about 18 miles as the crow flies in length, well, thats what it felt like to me
You see, i havent been out detecting at all this decade!....This was my first foray out in almost a year :shock:

Ahhm through the gate and it opened up into a ploughed ish field with a few stalks of stubble
Lovely jubbly
I proceeded to drink half my water rations and hoped my camel survival instincts would kick in soon :ugeek:

Ian tickled his machine, popped his headphones on and was off like a ferret :o

I pressed some buttons and within a minute i had a faint hum in my headphones...turns out a fly had got in as i put them on, so had to turf him out first! :lol:

Stepped onto the field and started swinging
After about 20 steps i thought to myself
"Hmmm, this field is very quiet"
Looking down at the screen i realised my sensitivity was still set at 1 after i tested it in my garden last night so as to remember how to use it

Sensitivity back up and signals started coming in
Nothing of note came up today, apart from a Georgey coin and what was once maybe a jetton, or just a thin disc of nothingness
Here is the photo of todays finds, minus the foil and canslaw (is that like coleslaw?)
Also minus the electric fence rod, where the pointy end gave me a consistant enough signal to take a look, a few shotties too


A lot of these finds gave my nox a signal in the Hammy area, so have to be dug!
The long length of bronze near my excuses for coins does have a pattern on it, but its too uniform to be anything very old

Even though i didnt find anything of note today, i had a really good time
It was great to catch up in person with Ian again, who i can tell you is a very kind and knowledgable man
Thanks fella and look forward to our next trip out.....I wont wear the rose again next time as we did get some funny looks at out meeting place.....a huge and busy garage!

Here is the field we spent some time in, and in the distance the man himself
I was taking a well earned water break!
Cheers for Reading this far and please contact the relevant authorities for any therapy you may require
Tatty bye for now :Luv Ya:

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Yay you got out :thumbsup: Well done Ian for enticing him. He’s a hard man to drag out in his car to go tecting :lol:

Just shows you even your super dooper Nox needs signals to go over to find anything. Some days it happens, some it doesn’t. But you got out and now you’ve broken your decade duck you’ll be out all the time :D
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Glad to see you get out and it seems you (mostly) remembered what to do :D :thumbsup:

Well done both :thumbsup:
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Well done Bruce :clapping:
Maybe nothing earth shattering but the mere fact you managed to get out is great. (Maybe I’m next :Thinking: )

I’ve got my NOX on stand-by but, like you I’ll have to have a practice run as a reminder. If I find as much as you did I’ll be surprised and very pleased. Never found much of interest on any of the fields that have just been cut but it’ll be nice to have a couple of hours out in a field again.
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That was a nice morning read!
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Great to meet up for a dig Bruce glad you had a good afternoon :thumbsup: if we spent more time detecting and gassing we might have had a few more finds but as we said that’s the hobby some times the fields aren’t in the mood to give up there treasure :(
Did manage a couple of coins 1935 George penny and a 1960 3pence which it’s alway nice to find a coin or two :thumbsup:
Really please that your back in the game :Party:
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Well done for getting out mate. If it helps, my finds have been rather poor lately, but if nothing was lost then it cannot be found :thumbsup:
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Great read, you have a way with words. Sounds like the very definition of a lovely day to me.
It is good that you are back in the saddle as it were. No stopping you now. :D

I keep meaning to use a pedometer to measure how far I actually walk....what with all the up and down and meandering back on myself it is much further than it appears on paper. Has anybody done this? I would be interested to have a basic calculation of average walking distance/steps taken in an hour detecting.

Wearing a red rose may have led to some interesting conclusions being drawn. If you find yourself being propositioned by a burly mechanic with a twinkle in his eye and an oil-stained artificial rose hopefully tucked into the top pocket of his overalls you have only yourself to blame.
Live long and prosper.
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A great write up, Bruce. Very descriptive,
" i had a faint hum in my headphones...turns out a fly had got in as i put them on, so had to turf him out first! :lol: " Brilliant, laugh out loud moment.
Quite a few finds, so a good day.
Top row, is that a cufflink with the maid on it. ?
Well done to Ian, for inviting you to his permission. :clapping:
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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I have to agree , the fly in the headphones and the feint buzzing done it for me , nice one :thumbsup:
Good write uo and glad to see you back out after such a long lay off , hope there are more to come .
Good chap to invite you out for the day , fair play :thumbsup:
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Well done for getting out Bruce, there's nothing like a nice bit of fresh air. :thumbsup:
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