Hello to all

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Vosenos II
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Hello to all

Following my detecting bro' Cantiaci to the hub

Hope you're all well ?
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Aye up and welcome in :thumbsup:
Another name that rings a bell... :clapping:
looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing some of your finds too :ugeek:
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Nice to have you with us. :thumbsup:
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Welcome aboard :thumbsup:
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Welcome to the Happy Hunting Detecting Hub. All good friends and always ready to welcome another. :thumbsup:
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Good to see you here, chap :thumbsup:
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Greetings, may your finds pouch be ever full :thumbsup:
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Hello Vos, lovely to see you :thumbsup:
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Very nice to have you on-board the hub
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Hello and welcome, I've not long joined myself, and these guys are a really welcoming bunch.
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