What acreage do you have?

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I’ve recently been granted permission to search some new land. In all 3 cases, it was totally organic.
New permission 1 - a farm I’ve been using since the Covid times started to buy dairy and meat products, (part of my buy local campaign). One day, about 10/11 weeks ago, the farmers wife noticed I was wearing a metal detecting tee-shirt and asked me what I’d found, blah blah. She was very interested in the history. Then 2 weeks ago, she said that she’s asked her landlord, (it’s a tenant farm), if they’d allow me to metal detect. I never asked about permission as I knew the farm was part of a large estate. Last Wednesday, she said that I was granted permission, and there would be further opportunities to detect on their other land. This land owner is a Marquis and owns thousands of acres of land. I haven’t been on any of this land yet as I’m waiting for the formal documents to come through.
New permission 2. I was chatting to a friend of my wife about detecting. You know what it’s like, chat about it to anybody that shows any sign of interest. She said that her landlord owned lots of land and she’d ask when she saw him next. I didn’t think anymore about this for weeks. She called my wife about 5 weeks ago and said “tell Andi to give William a call, he’s happy for him to detect his land” I did and he gave me permission to detect. His family has owned the land for 100s of years and has 1000 plus acres. Another permission without actively seeking it.
New permission 3. I was out with my detecting buddy on Thursday on my Gloucestershire perm. Pete’s a chatty chap and when I looked up, he was chatting to a lady walking her dog. He beckoned me over. Once again the lady was interested in what we’d found and history. She then said that a friend had detected some land she owns and they’d given her some coins. Normally, I’m a bit miffed when people want to stop for a chat, as it eats into my detecting time, but the mention of owning land and finding coins got my attention. She said that her land, only 13 acres was being sold soon and if we wanted, we could search it. We didn’t need to be asked twice. Yesterday we spoke and arranged to visit today. She said the person who found the coins had detected the field 5 years ago and it was ploughed up and reseeded for pasture 3 years ago. It’s in Broadway, so a beautiful historic location. Shame we only have 3 weeks on this field. We searched it today and a Spanish 2 Reales Filipe III came up. So again another organic permission without seeking it.
Permissions can come along like this, they’re like buses....
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Excellent post Shaggy :thumbsup: Just shows you that chatting about detecting to anyone at any opportunity gets you permissions. Really pleased for you :thumbsup: If you need any help with that Broadway one just let me know ;) :D
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Roughly 50,000 acres throughout England .
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Around 3,000 on my doorstep though that I spend most time on ,
Also lost some amazing sites through mis communication with farm managers :evil:
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