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Hi all I'm delighted to come across a thriving detecting forum , just had a stonking week on a new permission and they was all found seperateley across a 40 acre field, so enjoy and i cany wait to get back out there at the weekend.
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Welcome aboard windigo that a great first post and looks like a lot more to come from that field :thumbsup:
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Nice to have you with us Windigo and good luck on your next visit to the field. :thumbsup:
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Our 200th member too :Party: Welcome aboard.

Congratulations on your new field. Looks like we'll be seeing some really amazing stuff from you. Superb news :thumbsup:
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Oxgirl wrote: Wed Sep 16, 2020 5:45 pm Congratulations on your new field. Looks like we'll be seeing some really amazing stuff from you. Superb news :thumbsup:
If you've impressed a Romanophobe like Cath with that little lot you know you're riding high :thumbsup:

Me, I love it and really look forward to seeing what else turns up. Nice one :thumbsup:
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Some nice roman coins there. much better condition than I get on my patch. Looks like a great site to explore. I will enjoy seeing what else it produces. :thumbsup:
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Those are in stunning condition compared with the vast majority of Roman that we see.


Cheers peeps they they ain't bad and to be fair that's after I've cleaned em, here's a couple that I had off the same site yesterday,, pre cleaned of course
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Hi Windigo. Nice haul. :thumbsup:
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