How long is your detecting sitting

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Evening fellow earth people,as the title says,how long is your usual detecting sitting? .i try and get 1.5 -2 hours per sitting although would like to get more but too busy most of the time.
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Mine used to be a full day of around eight hours, most often on both days of the weekend. Now I tend to cut it to 4-5 hours and in winter only once over the weekend.
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About as long as my back can stand it, about 2 1/2 hours, a lifetime of heavy manual labour takes its toll, I maybe should try changing my posture while detecting, looking down all the time, changing hands with the Nox can help, though does feel a little wierd.
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Most of my permissions are around my maison.....but the furthest fields are 4k away. And I often wander from off into the far flung reaches of my fields according to ground conditions and that can result in a far old yomp before I get started. So I'd say those sessions can be around 4 or 5 hours on average. If I have a very specific field in mind it tends to be 3 hours.
Of course I also nip into the closest fields for little hour-long sessions if I a small window of time spare. In fact some of my very best finds have come that way. I suspect it is down to concentration. I love being out and even if I am tiring I am loath to pack in. Sometimes Pete comes out to get me if it is getting too dark. He absolutely refuses to allow me a headlight because it would make things worse.
I get very tired in can be a real trudge home especially in wellies. But the Nox is a light affair and arm arches are not a problem.
The real problem is getting tired mentally....that is why I think shorter sessions can be more productive. Once the mind goes slack there is much more danger of simply not reacting properly to the signals. I know this but if I have had to walk a long way to get to a spot it doesn't seem worthwhile to not make a longer session of it.
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I average out at about 7 hours a session
Not including travel time, I take breaks often to rest and either cool down, hydrate or warm up, if I find it to extreme weather or physical pack up early
Now just once a week, used to get a couple of days.

I tend to do some stretching exercise before starting to loosen the muscles to prevent aches and pains the next day

When I get back I have a cup of tea and biscuits or a beer and stretch out on the settee to unwind

Regards Steve
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I never sit during detecting 😁 I usually try and fit in 6 hours a week if poss but I can see it being way less in the not so distant future🔮😁
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Now my permission is open I usually go once a week and average about 5 hours with a few breaks in between . On the odd occasions I will possibly go midweek for a couple of hours .
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It depends on how well my back holds up and what comes up.
Normally I can do 2 x 2 hour sessions with a tea break without any problems. If after 4 hours something nice comes up, it encourages me for a bit longer.
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For me it depends on how rough the ground is and which detector I'm using, on flat wet sand with the explorer I'll do four or five hours, if I'm in amongst the rocks or on loose shingle I'll call it a day when my feet give out at two and half to three hours.

I last a bit longer on land with the deus, but again it depends how rough the ground is, if it's flat or pasture then I'm generally the last of my club to leave, if it's deep rough ploughed and I can't move to a flatter bit then I call it a day after about four hours.

I broke my back and smashed my ankles in a motorbike accident so I end up in a lot of pain after detecting, but I still go out and do it anyway as I enjoy it enough that it's worth it.
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I rarely used to do more than a couple of hours at a time as all my permissions are really close. Now I often do 4 or 5 hours. I couldn’t do a whole day though - for me it looses it’s fun once I start to get tired :D
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Depends how long it takes for boredom to set in and the thought of "is this what my life has come to!" ;)
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I think we all know that 1 mate,, but hey we all need a excuse to get out the house and I'm not into fishing or golf ⛳😁😁
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Interesting to hear other people's regimes :thumbsup: seems I need to make a flask and get some serious hours in.
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On my own ground, most sessions are 3 to 5 hours, or till I get bored not finding anything!
On a Club dig, I generally try to do 5 to 7 hours, but I am usually flagging by the end.

I notice many of the members walk back to the car park for a relaxed lunch and a chin wag, but I hate wasting time doing that so tend to take a bite to eat out with me...
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