Mrs paint first ever hammy it’s a Eddie any further info please

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Took the wife out for a dig this afternoon love is :blow kiss: i was over the moon as she has found her first hammy it took me months to find mine and she has only been out half a dozen times and breaks her duck she was using my back up detector the Xp orx I would like to think it’s all the advice I have given her but being a beginner myself :D not sure that I helped much I would like be the first to congratulate on this special moment one we will never forget :thumbsup:
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Excellent one too Mrs Paint :Party: :Star:
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Well done Mrs paint.....great coin too :thumbsup:
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Edward I 3cd - Canterbury.

A ;)
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Congratulations Mrs Paint, nice hammy for a first one, you always remember you first.
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Thank from Mrs paint A this is one she will never forget :thumbsup:
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I bet you'll have the ORX next time then? :? :D
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Well done Mrs.Paint ,first one under the belt, one you'll never forget. Great coin. :thumbsup:
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Congrats to Mrs P on the coin, and a very tidy one at that :thumbsup:
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Super coin for your first hammy Mrs P Very well done You better watch out Ian
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Well done :thumbsup:
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