Yesterday's hammered A second bite of the cherry

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Last february I found a hammered in a very muddy and wet maize stubble field I popped it in my finds pouch or so I thought When I looked for it after arriving home it had disappeared, as I was wearing muddy gloves at the time it must have stuck to the glove and dropped off
Yesterday I went back to the same field now rolled and flat and in the same spot I found it a couple of inches down I know it was the same coin because it was slightly creased The moral of this story is to take your gloves off when putting finds away
The coin is a Edward 11 class 12a Canterbury mint
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Lovely coin, well done to you twice :clapping:
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Nice coin John a bit of dejavu when you found it again :thumbsup:
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I’ve done that myself, albeit not with a hammered. So easily done when covered in the sticky mud.
Nice coin, I wish mine came out if the ground looking like that. :thumbsup:
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Mud is a pain when it comes to gloved hands. Very glad you found it again though :D
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wow yes...i know people get hammereds stuck on the mud of their boots and can't find the signal. Or the spade (happened to me with stuff a few times.) But I have never heard of someone finding one, thinking it was in their pouch and then finding they'd lost it then finding it in the field again.
That coin was clearly meant to be yours. :thumbsup:
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What are the chances of that ?

Even finding the exact area you were in is a miracle. It’s a lovely coin and in great condition. Very well found. Very well found again :D
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Lovely looking coin there :thumbsup:
And what a great story of being lost, found, lost again and finally found and safely retrieved
I struggle to find me glasses on my desk, let alone a coin in a field again :ugeek:
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