Rusty Hatchet or Viking Hand Axe 😲

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Good morning lords and ladies,

I am officially on my way home from Northumberland where I’ve been holidaying for the last 10 days. ☺️

Although I had permission in the grounds of the country estate we were staying, the permission was very vague, so I didn’t want to risk going somewhere I wasn’t allowed. It was very frustrating as I’m sure there would’ve been some great finds to be had in the right places. 🤷‍♀️ Because of this, the only good find that came up was the Lead Seal which is yet to be identified.

The beach detecting was a little tough in places as I hadn’t searched on sand with my Deus ORX so had to do my research before hand. The wet sand was still chatting away even after I’d adjusted the settings, so I tried to stick to the dry stuff whenever possible. As you might have seen, a lovely silver link chain necklace came up, but I was disappointed as it was sticking out of the sand when my detector found it, so it was a 1/2 eyes only, 1/2 detector located. I like to be surprised you see, so being able to see what it is feels a little like cheating in my book. 🤷‍♀️ Nevermind, it’s still a lovely thing. ☺️

Other than the chain and various coinage, nothing too exciting emerged from the beach, I just realised how many people bury their tinfoil. 🤦‍♀️ That was at least until this emerged.

Yes it’s iron, yes it’s probably modern that’s fallen off a boat, or been discarded by a murderer, but I still like to think that it’s washed up after being lost from a Viking long boat after a successful raid in which many pieces of gold were collected and dispersed between themselves. 😲 unlikely, but that’s the story I’m going to stick to. 😂

What do you guys think?? 😃😃
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Fore,,, don't forget to pop in the 19th hole on the way home😁
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Sadly it looks modern Emily with the rivet holding it together.....
Glad you got some tecting in on your holibobs though, well done :thumbsup:
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I agree with BA, I’m afraid it looks modern. Glad you enjoyed your holiday though :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Ah, there it is again ! Imagination ! Can’t beat it.

Who was it that ‘I too in my dreams’. Me too. I live in hope. I know there’s absolutely no reason I shouldn’t find something Viking. I know they where in the area and even sailed up the river as far as the nearest town and I have a permission at the side of the river.

(Big sigh) maybe one day (another big sigh)

Chin up Emily. Next time eh ! :thumbsup:
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